March 24, 2023

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The representativeness of the 'president' is limited to the pro-independence parties and civil entities, which do not amount to half of the Catalan population

Eulalia Vintró – Friday, 07/02/2020 – 20:58
This Thursday’s meeting  between presidents Sánchez and Torra has been object, as expected, of all kinds of comments, criticisms and assessments, both of formal type: red carpets, ‘mossos’ in formal dress, bouquets, flags, press conference, as of content: self-determination and amnesty required by the Catalan side as compared to the 44 points of the agenda for the reencounter presented by the Spanish Government.

It is indisputable that the meeting between the two presidents implies a change in the increasingly tense trajectory of the Catalonia-Spain relationship and that, beyond how it continues, both parties are satisfied and expectant about the future.

However, it is surprising that there is almost no observation regarding the representativeness of Torra as president of the Generalidad and, therefore, of the entire people of Catalonia. And for the record, I do not doubt his status as president, despite having lost his condition of member of the Catalan Parliament, a legal issue that will follow its course and is now irrelevant.

It becomes, at least, shocking that while everyone is clear about President Sánchez wanting to represent the whole of the Spanish people and formulating his proposals within the framework of constitutional legality, the representativeness of President Torra is limited to pro-independence parties and civil entities, who do not amount to half of the Catalan population. At the press conference after the meeting, Torra announced that he would summon JxCat, ERC, CUP, ANC, Òmnium and the unknown Consell per la República to explain the content of the meeting and deepen the agenda for the next meeting of the dialogue board. He had already done it on January 15, but later also spoke with the parliamentary parties. It does not seem, however, that he will do it now.

It is hard to understand, and even more to accept, that after so many years without understanding between Catalonia and Spain and of a broad citizen coincidence regarding the inability of the current Government to solve our labor, social, economic and political problems, the ‘ President ‘address the dialogue about the future of relations with Spain by consulting and representing only the parties and independent entities and leaving more than half of the population on the sidelines. What credibility does he deserve?

Nor will he represent the whole of his Government, since the split between Torra and ERC has been notorious and public for a few days, although the president has taken the opportunity to star in the beginning of a dialogue promoted by Republicans and try to recover a certain influence of his political formation in the affairs of the entire State.

The Catalan legislature has the days counted, although now it seems that someone wants to extend it. We rely on a quick approval of the Catalan Budgets, of the state ones as well, in the constitution of the dialogue board and in the celebration of autonomous elections that allow to maintain the dialogue with representative reliability and to have a Government that governs and that makes effective the most points of the reencounter agenda. Enough of amnesty and self-determination only.


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