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A network of people attached to the territory re-edited the logic of October 1 to organize the response to the ruling in the streets of Catalonia

Júlia Regué

Barcelona – Tuesday, 10/15/2019 – 17:43

Protesters at El Prat Airport. / ELISENDA PONS

Tsunami Democràtic emerged by surprise on social networks on September 2. Parties and entities set out to embrace the proposal. They already knew it, as it had been exhibited at an independence summit held days before in Geneva.

1. What is the Democratic Tsunami?

This new actor of the pro-sovereignty field, which premiered on Monday October 14 when the sentence of the ‘procés‘ was announced, is responsible for channeling the response in the streets. Its first public action took place that same day, with the intention of blocking the Barcelona airport. They canceled more than 100 flights. They proved that their mobilizing capacity is powerful and that in a few hours they can concentrate thousands of people. They have neither deadlines nor hurries, they will extend the mobilization “whatever it takes to achieve the objectives”: “The response that has been organized intends to generate a generalized crisis in the Spanish State that will continue over time”, they argue.

2. Who is behind?

A network of people of pro-independence sensitivity who reedit the clandestine logic of October 1 in which everyone has a task and seeks another individual to communicate the next task, something that allows a group of people in contact via intermediaries who may not know each other. They are people attached to the territory, organized, some party-based militants, others not. There are no leaders or spokespersons, although this Monday Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola put a voice to its demands in a video.

3. How do they communicate the mobilizations?

Tsunami Democràtic premiered on Twitter and opened a unidirectional channel on Telegram, from where they release instructions. This October 14 they created a specific mobile application to organize the calls. To access it, a QR code is required that can be shared by someone who already has this app. This is a way to ensure that each person has an endorsement in the community. The organizers use encrypted communication techniques such as Signal or Protonmail, for maximum security. The website was registered on July 23 on the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts&Nevis.

4, What are their actions?

Tsunami Democràtic’s commitment is nonviolent civil disobedience with pressure actions that group masses of people at specific points, but with a very clear red line that they do not want to cross: violence. Some of their plans require the cutting of roads and blocking access to strategic infrastructures, in order to generate a paralysis. Some maneuvers can be decentralized to generate a more extensive blockade in the territory.

5. Are they coordinated with the other pro-independentists actors?

Tsunami Democràtic has its own mobiliation agenda. This means that, although the sovereign parties and entities know “grossly” the details of their activities, they go free. They can even get counterprogrammed, as inevitably happened on Monday when the ANC and Òmnium Cultural called to concentrate at 20:00 in the squares of the municipalities of Catalonia while the occupation of the Barcelona airport was still underway.


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