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Cuixart, in prison, claims sovereignty to "make the practice of nonviolence its main weapon" Mauri asks that the slogan "We will do it again" 'Ho tornarem a fer' be a "guide for the next months and years"

Júlia Regué

Barcelona – 18:24 Jueves, 04/07/2019

Òmnium Cultural has been entrusted with training in “civil disobedience”. The president of the entity, Jordi Cuixart, imprisoned for more than 20 months, devised a conference that was inaugurated this Thursday, and in which they seek to share experiences on these tactics. In a letter addressed to the attendees, he has once again insisted on the slogan ‘We will do it again’, which he pronounced in his final plea before the Supreme Court and which has become an emblem, and has called for sovereignty to be overturned in the streets and “make the practice of nonviolence its main weapon”.

Mauri has insisted that it is part of the “civic commitment and moral obligation” to defend these rights “when they are violated, when they are tried and, as everything seems to indicate, when they are convicted,” he reflected, alluding to the wait for a sentence which is a strong prediction. “The ‘Ho tornarem a fer’ has to be a guide for the coming months and years,” he pointed out. 

He also vice-president of Òmnium has assured that the entity has suffered an “intense period of repression”, with fines of up to 400,000 euros that “he has refused to pay”, with the “hijacking” of his magazine, with two records by the Civil Guard in its headquarters in the street of Diputació de Barcelona and with the imprisonment of its president, Jordi Cuixart. “The regression of rights goes far beyond the independence movement”, he has defended, and has recalled the cases of rappers condemned by the lyrics of their songs, “more than 200,000” activists sanctioned under the ‘gag law’ and the administrative obstacles with the which is the rescue boat in the Mediterranean ‘Open Arms’ and the arrest of its captain, who is already at liberty. “In this context we believe that it is necessary to form ourselves as a society in a legitimate instrument to transform unjust realities such as civil disobedience, which is always collective and non-violent,” he addded.

The co-founder of Mothers Plaza de Mayo, Nora Cortiñas will participate in the conference held at the Born Center of Culture and Memories of Barcelona; the first conscientious objector of the State, Pepe Beúnza; the spokeswoman for Fridays for Future of Barcelona, ​​Aitana Ralda; the activists David Fernàndez, Itziar González and Arcadi Oliveres; the lawyer and co-director of Irídia, Anaïs Franquesa; member of the Cuixart defense team, Benet Salellas; and the president of Advocats Europeus Demòcrates (AED), Robert Sabata.


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