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They criticize that parliamentary groups, seven months after the law was approved, resist activating the changes due to partisan interests

María Jesús Cañizares 24.05.2020 16:49

Facade of the central studios of TV3 / EFE

The professionals of TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio demand the renewal of the management positions of the Catalan public media, as well as of the governing council of the managing body, the  Corporación Catalana de Medios Audiovisuales (CCMA) before the Catalan elections. And they fear that the resistance to these changes is due to the calculations of the parliamentary groups on how many advisers they have and the majority that there could be.

The statement is signed by the Professional Programs Council, the TVC Business Committee, the RV3 Professional News Council, the Catalunya Ràdio Business Committee, the Catalunya Ràdio Professional Council. In it, they recall that on Saturday it was seven months since the unanimous approval of the reform of the CCMA law, which raises the majorities necessary to appoint the directors of the media and the necessary professional requirements.

Descripción: profesionales tv3

Communication from professionals of TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio on the renewal of positions

“Seven months is more than enough time to put into practice a law that everyone considered necessary and urgent for the future of the Corporation. We would be concerned that the reason why parliamentary groups do not dare to renew the governing council is that they start from calculating how many councilors they have and what majority there could be”, they affirm. Precisely, on Friday the control committee of the CCMA of the Parliament met, but this matter was not addressed.

Professionalism and independence criteria

They recall that, since 2007, the law contemplates that the council’s mandate is six years, “precisely to distance its composition from that of the Parliament”. They warn that “the possible argument that we have to wait for the next elections is not acceptable, since it contradicts the same consensus that inspired it”.

For this reason, they require groups to apply the law and look for candidates with criteria based on “professional capacity, independence and the presentation of a management project so that they can be evaluated by the Consejo Audiovisual de Cataluña (CAC) and the same Parliament to evaluate the suitability ”.

Catalan media professionals trust that they will be consulted in this regard, as provided by the same law.



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