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The last platform created to feed the idea of investing the escaped 'president' shares an address in Saint Kitts and Nevis with which he raises funds for the Waterloo man

Antonio Fernández. Barcelona

18/09/2019 05:00

Platforms and bodies have flourished in recent months to make them available to Carles Puigdemont and underpin his position. The common characteristic of all these movements is that, at one time or another, they attest that their intention is to invest him. The chief of all of them is the Consell per la República, which he presides over. It is made in his image and likeness, and in him the fugitive is the only protagonist. On the sidelines, other organizations or platforms have been created that, among their conditions, always put the investiture of Puigdemont ahead of their priorities.

One of them is Tsunami Democràtic, which does not claim to be just a reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling and has been created to direct disobedience, because it considers that this is the main tool against the Spanish State, although to be effective this disobedience must have a clear objective, adapt to the circumstances and be able to extend over time.

Although it was born as an initiative outside of Puigdemont (some even link it to Òmnium), the truth is that, curiously, its website has been registered in the tax haven of Saint Kitts and Nevis, where Puigdemont also took its Consell per la República and the web that collects the money of the affiliates. Too many coincidences. The agency was registered on July 23 by the same company that had registered the website, in charge of collecting the money paid for “the specific needs of legal defense, security and logistical support to the 130 president of the Generalitat of Catalonia , Carles Puigdemont i Casamajó, as well as the rest of the people and exiled professionals who need it ”.

The company that registered Tsunami Democràtic (called 1337 Services LLC) has a post office box in Charlestown, a small town in Saint Kitts and Nevis. The website, another of the ‘brands’ used by Puigdemont and its environment to simulate a non-existent Catalan republic, was also registered. This last website even hacks the logo of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, although the institution chaired by Quim Torra never claimed that the usurpation of the logo cease.

Catalonia (and Spain, by extension) will have ‘procés’ for a while. There are no longer deadlines to achieve independence. The president of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Elisenda Paluzie, made it clear in the past Diada: “We will not put more deadlines. We learn from the mistakes of the past. ” Therefore, if the long march towards self-determination is to last 10 years, let it last. And if it has to last 20, last 20.

In this new stage, the fugitive Puigdemont tries to consolidate his position and become the only “helmsman” of the process, eliminating his rivals. One of his main strategies is to create instruments to support him personally. He did it with Junts per Catalunya (JxCAT), to the point that the party that appealed to him at the top of the list, the PDeCAT, remained in the minority within the parliamentary group. Then, he created the Crida Nacional brand, at his exclusive service.

Now Tsunami Democràtic appears incardinated, yes, from a tax haven in the Pacific.

Another of the instruments created at the service of Puigdemont is the Independent Public Block, appeared out of nowhere this week and born as “a confluence of various organizations and public servants and other civil groups that face the current political context, of paralysis and of reculate towards autonomism, we want to join forces to collaborate in the fulfillment of the mandate of self-determination of the first of October ”. This instrument brings together, he affirms, “people at the service of various administrations and the People (sic)”.

The Block defends institutional disobedience (as Puigdemont advocates) as a mechanism to give a pulse to the State and puts itself “at the service of the Consell per la República [which is chaired by Puigdemont itself] to develop and implement a real fracture strategy with the Spanish State. “

The Via Fora platform, one of the most radical ones at the service of independence, also issued a statement of intent this week in which it criticizes the lack of unity of the sovereigns and claims “the immediate investiture of the legitimate ‘president’ Carles Puigdemont, the restitution of the legitimate Government that we voted at the polls and a firm Parliament that does not abide by Madrid and lift the suspension of the republic ”.

At the service of Puigdemont

These support dynamics, recognized by some sources consulted by El Confidencial, “are due to the absence of a strong structure that supports Puigdemont. Hence, these dynamics occur, caused by the lack of leadership and itinerary. ” They recognize, however, that at any given time, all these tools can be put at the service of Puigdemont with the press of a button. It is a gear in which the politician escaped in Waterloo plays with advantage.

“What Puigdemont says is what everyone will do,” a sovereign leader explains to El Confidencial. He is the only one who has the authority to impose his criteria, although sometimes they are bizarre, one must say. Proof of this is the composition of the electoral lists, where the ones he wanted were made. No one discusses anything. ” However, this same source acknowledges that “what happens is that it is perhaps not constant enough that it should. He has not more power because he is not more constant. To Puigdemont, the most prosaic organizational issues, paperwork, bore him. He lacks repris and has people doing nothing.

From more biased positions oriented to the PDeCAT, they ensure that the latest platforms and bodies created for the greater glory of Puigdemont are not effective. “The machinery, the capillarity, the electoral machine, is in the PDeCAT. This is where ‘know how’ and structures reside. From the Consell per la República, for example, nothing is done. What is your strategy? What political line do you have? Apart from some messages, it does not have a road map or strategy. Around Puigdemont there are only small groups. A few years ago, there was a line to follow, but there was a blow and now there is confusion. That’s why nothing moves. ”

These sources consider that the current situation of ‘impasse’ of the PDeCAT is temporary. “In the medium term, this will be recomposed. It is a matter of time to re-articulate a force like Convergence was ”.


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