March 22, 2023

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This Is The Real Spain is the blog of Global Spain to spread the word about the real Spain, with its strengths and challenges within and outside our borders. Readers can find these strengths classified into three main pillars: democracy, modernity and citizenship. Spain is a modern country and its citizens are the basis for the spectacular progress that has been made in recent decades. And the 40 years of our Constitution which we recently celebrated provides us with the perfect opportunity to review our achievements.

Who we are

During the past forty years of our Constitution and democracy, we have been able to transform who and what we are. Spain, thanks to its citizenship and its institutions, is a full, consolidated democracy, one of the most advanced Rules of Law in the world and one of the countries with the greatest civil liberities. And it’s not  just us saying that. It is being said by the most prestigious indices worldwide. This is why it is a good time for us to feel proud and let everybody know about a reality which, until now, has been difficult to disseminate. Maybe out of laziness, perhaps because it is complex, or there was an understanding that it was not necessary to show the world that we are a democracy comparable to the most advanced democracies of our European neighbours. It’s time to change this and continue to move forward.

Spain means talent, diversity, enterprise, science, sport and culture. Spain is the country which in 2040 will have the longest life expectancy on the planet which can also be put down to the third most efficient healthcare system in the world. Spain is an economy capable of multiplying by eleven the size of its GDP since the Transition; which every year welcomes more than 80 million international tourists, attracted by high standards, a hospitable character, a high-quality services’ sector and modern infrastructures, along with a high security level.

Democracy, modernity and citizenship are the pillars of this blog which seeks to explain what we are like as a country, not only to the international media;  but also to all those who wish to know how Spain is positioned in the international environment in terms of its political system, economy, institutions and its society in the broadest sense of the word. And always using objective indicators. This Is The Real Spain has emerged as yet another platform disseminating Spain’s excellent reputation, which is democratic, modern and civic. This platform has been designed to make available to the public, quality content in multiple formats which can be easily disseminated by anyone, like ourselves, who feels like explaining why our country is so great.

As we embark on this new adventure, we would like to count on your support as a reader, as a user and as a critic. This Is The Real Spain has also been created to take into account your contribution and ideas. Feel free to send us your suggestions, criticism or hints. This blog, like Spain, will keep getting better with time. And  for  this to happen you are key.


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