March 24, 2023

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Home » Content » They walk with a guillotine during the Diada (Catalan National Day) while others scream “we are people of peace”
Song or guillotine? Is there any difference? "Exhibiting a simulated weapon on public roads is a serious offense"

A group of independentists went to the demonstration of the Diada carrying a guillotine, while others were screaming “we are people of peace”, as can be seen in the video that several twitter users have published on social networks.

The Ciudadanos MEP, Jordi Cañas, is one of those who echoed the video he has posted on twitter with the tweet “the ‘smile revolution’ referring to the laughter of those who carry the guillotine.”

Other users of the social network remember that while “the separatists walk with a guillotine, the Catalan police Mossos identify and inspect those who put the anthem of Spain”. Comments like these: “exhibiting a simulated weapon on public roads is a serious offense” are also in twitter.


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