March 4, 2024

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He praises the work that takes place in this makeshift hospital, a gigantic facility built in a week, "especially its doctors, nurses, logistics staffl, the , ambulance drivers, transporters ..."


The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised the work carried out by the Community of Madrid with the launch of the temporary hospital of Ifema and for the work that is being carried out in it. Specifically, the congratulations come from Bruce Aylward, executive director of the organic group of Epidemic Outbreaks and Health Emergencies of the institution, according to a statement released by the regional government.

The senior WHO position has already led the mission in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus. “Madrid residents should be very proud to be able to start” a center like Ifema’s. “When I entered and saw this hospital, it immediately reminded me of that gigantic facility that they set up very quickly. But this is different because the patients there were mild and here they are treating complicated patients and that is very difficult,” he said.

Aylward has praised the work that takes place in this makeshift hospital, “especially its doctors, nurses, logistics personnel, the military, ambulance drivers, transporters … of all the people who contribute to this task.” “They are doing a fantastic job. At this point in the crisis, the main thing is to try to save lives and heal the sick and when you see a country doing this you see that it cares about its people.”

The center built in Ifema is considered the largest in Spain, with 1,300 available beds that could be 5,500, of which 500 are ICUs. In fact, it is expected that this Wednesday the first intensive care units will be available. To date, it has 1,380 accumulated income, with 531 discharges.


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