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While the Catalan Government calls the de-escalation reckless, Torra's advisor finds it "prudent"

04/29/2020 19:17

The first day of de-confinement for children under 14 years

The Catalan virologist Oriol Mitjà, adviser to President Quim Torra in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Catalonia, has been satisfied with the Spanish de-confinement plan. In tweets published this Wednesday, he said that the proposal “is prudent and has a good scientific basis”. In this line, he also says that “the recovery of economic activity by sectors is very successful” and that, with the “already demonstrated” commitment of the citizenry, “it can be successful”.

Mitjà’s endorsement of Pedro Sánchez’s plan collides head-on with the theses defended by the Catalan Government, which calls it reckless. Thus, not only is there discord between governments, there is also discord between the executive of President Torra and his star epidemiologist.

For the Government, it is not understandable that from the Moncloa it is said that the decisions will be made based on sanitary and epidemiological criteria and at the same time a calendar is set with a detail of dates for the four phases. “It is imprudent to affirm that in July we will enter a new normality, just when an important part of the citizenry could begin the holidays” and this would produce, according to the Councilor of the Presidency, Meritxell Budó, very high concentrations in tourist areas.

On the other hand, the Government suggests that criteria be applied according to health regions -Alt Pirineu and Aran, Lleida, Camp de Tarragona, Terres de l’Ebre, Central Catalonia, Girona and Barcelona- and basic health areas and not on provinces, such as is doing the Moncloa.

The Generalitat produces more contradictions. Despite seeing the plan with good eyes, Mitjà warns that “there is a lack of concrete control and monitoring measures, such as” tests “to find out who is infected. This is written the same day as the Secretary of Public Health and number two of the Councilor Alba Vergés, Joan Guix, told RAC1 that “the solution is not the tests”.



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