April 25, 2024

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Catalunya peuple d'Espagne swiss association introduced a formal petition to the Swiss Senate to close the alleged embassy of the Generalitat in Geneva for its activities dedicated to financing propaganda actions in Swiss territory against Spanish democracy and against the Catalan social majority opposed to sedition. This petition has been admitted by the Swiss Senate and is being studied.

As can be seen in the attached document, the Swiss Senate has accepted the request of the Catalan Association, Peuple d’Espagne to close the false Catalan embassy in Geneva because it exceeded the purposes that can legally correspond to the external offices of the Government of the Generalitat (art 194 of its Statute of Autonomy and 149.3º of the Constitution). To this end, the Swiss Senate has initiated Investigation Procedure No. 19.2032.


This is a simple sign that a firm will to defend the Law and the fight against supremacism and secessionism always bear fruit. It is a matter of honesty and decision. Let us all congratulate ourselves on this success. The more we are, the more we will get.

François Meylan 

Catalunya peuple d’Espagne CPDE 





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