December 10, 2023

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Oppressive State. The state prosecutor looks the other way in the cases of public employees who could be accomplices of the October 1st referendum

Quim Torra (president of Catalonia) never tires of accusing the Spanish State of being strongly repressive, of acting with a desire for vengeance and viciousness rarely seen in Europe. But the reality is a very different one. It was just known that the judge of  town of El Vendrell (Catalonia) Tamara Beltrán investigating more than 30 Mossos (Catalan police) accused of disobedience on the 1-O referendum had to file the case because the Prosecutor’s Office no longer sees evidence of a crime to the judge’s surprise. These are agents who not only looked the other way on the morning of the referendum but also with their performance, receiving cheers and applauses from the assembled, legitimized an act which contravened a direct order coming from the Catalan Supreme Court of Justice.  

There are several images of that pantomime that some couples of Mossos (Catalan police) carried out when they visited the polling stations. Well, despite the numerous indications of disobedience with respect to the duty of pursuing crimes appreciated by the judges, the prosecution has decided to withdraw from the prosecution because it considers that these agents were “subject to the principle of hierarchy”, “acting without means” and above all because their superiors are already being investigated by the Supreme Court.

Most likely  criminal cases affecting a few dozens of additional Mossos on the 1-O case will also be filed. In the trial before the Supreme Court the passive attitude of the Catalan police, as well as their lack of collaboration with the other security forces on the morning of the referendum, is becoming clear. Curiously, the supposedly horrible oppressive state drawn by the separatists does not want to persecute all those public employees (including school directors and heads of health centers) who could be accomplices of the coup against constitutional democracy. The prosecutor is only focusing his attention  on the leaders of the alleged rebellion / sedition, starting with the political leaders of the ‘Procés’ and continuing with Major Josep Lluís Trapero. In the remaining cases, the Office of the Prosecutor prefers to look the other way. It is possible nevertheless that for the purpose of coexistence in Catalonia it is an appropriate decision, which of course the separatists will never appreciate.


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