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They say that "only through a revolutionary path, a true political revolution, is it possible to break the structures of domination of one of the most important states in the western world." They recognize that "it is a long road," but it is a warning - another - to the ‘president’ Quim Torra that his credit is over.

A. Fernández. Barcelona
09/10/2019 05:00 – Updated: 09/10/2019 13:07

“He has not fulfilled any electoral promise, not only his party, but none of the parties that proclaim themselves independentists and republicans”, they accuse in the document.

Any time in the past was better. That they ask the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Why not ask Quim Torra, who a little more than a year ago harangued the youth of the defense committees of the republic (CDR) with a ‘Apreteu, apreteu’ (‘Push, push’ ), in the sense that they (CDR) should took the streets of Catalonia and point the way to politicians. Those days of wine and roses have left Torra a monumental hangover.

“The ‘president’ of the Generalitat continues to do‘ processism ’and in an autonomy, not in a republic. You are not welcome, Mr. Torra, no, ”claims a letter from the CDR on Monday, at the gates of the Diada de Cataluña. The spirit of comradeship has become, after a year, a sullen and difficult coexistence.

The CDR’s brief is a grievance memorial against the ‘president’. “Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. He has not fulfilled any electoral promise, not only his party, but none of the parties that proclaimed independence and republicans, ”says the text to Torra. They blame him for “we have more than 700 prosecuted activists, some convicted, and the Generalitat is the plaintiff in many cases. The reality is that they have wanted us demobilized and criminalized, by means of complains and police actions, and also they accuse particularly the Generalitat of Catalonia ”.

The radicals accuse the big parties of having signed “pacts of shame in many institutions just to save the chair, the salary, the power.” These are agreements with socialists or with the “Comuns” in town councils and Diputacions (provincial councils). Therefore, they accuse the Catalan government of not having been able to orchestrate a unitary roadmap: “The political parties have not been able to seek a joint strategy and have put the partisan interest above the will of the people.” That is why they remind Torra that they will continue to “push”: “We, the CDR will continue, we will not faint and, even if times are uncertain, we will fight until full freedom,” they warn.

In spite of this missile to the waterline of the independence apparatus, the CDR keep in their agenda the assistance to the ‘unitary’ demonstration that will take place this Wednesday afternoon in Barcelona, ​​although they will conclude the day with their own concentration before the Parliament headquarters at seven in the afternoon. In fact, they already summoned theirs at five in the afternoon, time of the great demonstration, before the Legislative Chamber, in case some do not feel identified with the call of the ANC and Òmnium. It is the way not to break the sovereignty unit (and, above all, so that they are not accused of breaking it) while they mark their own profile and try to gain prominence again when mobilizing the streets. The Crides per la Republic platform has also convened at one o’clock in the afternoon and at six in the afternoon to “surround the Parilament”. Nearby, on Lluís Companys avenue, Òmnium celebrates the ‘Festa per la Llibertat’. In that space, in the morning, they will perform the ‘Espai Òmnium’, a day that includes a “concert for children” and an “act for rights and freedoms”.

Appeal to emotions

Meanwhile, the great pro-independence entities appeal to the heart and sentimentality to add protesters this Wednesday at the Diada de Catalunya. The central event will be a great concentration in Barcelona to which, according to ANC sources, 180,000 people have already signed up. Actually, the inscriptions for this Diada are less than other years, although the 1-O sentence is about to be known. But precisely because of this, sovereign entities have begun a final effort to add enrolled by drawing on emotions.

The proximity of the court ruling, then, is the last excuse that entities put on the table to incite citizens to go to demonstrate. “A mass demonstration, again, will allow us to make the Spanish State understand that, despite the repression, we are still more determined than ever. The success of the mobilization this Diada will be a first response to the sentence: however hard the repression may be, we do not give up, we do not faint. On the contrary: now that we know how the Spanish State acts, more than ever we continue on the road to the Catalan Republic, ”says a communication sent to the activists by the Consell per la República. This body has just over 71,000 registered in its particular particular census ’.

Like the ANC and Òmnium Cultural, it claims “strategic unit to complete the mandate of October 1”. In the brief, it specifies that “the parties and civil society organizations must perceive social mobilization as a requirement to urgently agree on this unitary strategy”.

In a message spread by the ANC through the networks, the independentists insist that “this September 11 we will do it again”. And they add a phrase by Nelson Mandela: “Freedom is only for those people who fight tirelessly.” According to data from this organization, of the 26 sections of the demonstration, eight are full, while 13 are almost full and the other five, with “high” occupancy.

But within the secessionist movement there are many sensibilities, too many. And there is a bloody war between all sectors, which want to convey the image of unity but, in offices, are engaged. Apart from the obvious and public disputes between JxCAT and ERC, the two partner government parties, the CUP ostensibly break from the strategy of big parties. The ‘hard’ nucleus of CUP approved this weekend a text in which they point out that “to say that through autonomic management independence is to be built is to make emotional blackmail and continue to maintain the chairs of the regional ministries is a scam that has to be denounced as such ”.

They say that “only through a revolutionary path, a true political revolution, is it possible to break the structures of domination of one of the most important states in the western world.” They recognize that “it is a long road,” but it is a warning – another – to the ‘president’ Quim Torra that his credit is over.



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