December 11, 2023

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Management of pandemic crisis in two Spanish regions: Catalan government is fully dedicated to propaganda and to criticize Spanish executive while Valencian government exercises all its powers to solve problems.

Jordi xargayó 19.04.2020 | 06:00

Populism, and nationalism, if there is a difference between the two isms, have universal behaviors. The first basic rule is to have enemies. Donald Trump has chosen the World Health Organization (WHO) to divert the errors of his arrogance and political inability. Quim Torra, a populist like Trump, but more predictable and less resourceful, does not leave the enemy that gives him the most revenue: Spain. Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, recognizes what we all know: “We were not prepared enough”, and admits “mistakes and inadequacies”. For fifteen days, Quim Torra did not move from the “total confinement” speech, without clarifying what exactly he meant, while unable to stop the Generalitat’s public works. Now, we have moved from “total confinement” to “letting children out”. Everything is for a weekly account of confrontation with the Spanish Government. The great farce of the procés  discourse has become apparent this week. On the one hand, he criticized the return to work of some non-essential activities decreed by the Spanish Government, and on the other, authorized a public company of the Generalitat, Comforsa, to work like the rest. The justification of the councilor of Business was that “we must remain competitive; many families depend on it”. Of course! Like everyone else. And because of this, the Spanish Government made the risky decision to try to complement health and work, so as not to sink in more than it is, and it will be. Quim Torra, unlike millions of citizens, continues to receive his full salary (152,861 euros a year), and has just increased by decree his future pension from public budgets.

While Torra does not move from proces propaganda, Miquel Buch shows his level with 1714 and 1939, Meritxell Budó is dedicated to writing tweets against former political leaders and Alba Vergés increases the Catalans’ depression each time she appears in the media, I read in the newspaper ‘Levante’ that ten aircraft with more than 300 tons of sanitary equipment have arrived in Valencia in twenty days after efficient management by the Generalitat Valenciana presided over by Ximo Puig, and thanks to contacts established in commercial missions, without the need for expensive and inefficient embassies. How many have arrived in Catalonia driven by Quim Torra and the trio lalala of daily appearances? The unique coordination of the alarm decree did not paralyze the activity of the autonomous communities, neither did impede their capacity of management, nor reduce powers beyond submitting to a single control, as has been shown by the Valencian Generalitat. Perhaps the difference is that Ximo Puig presides over an autonomous community with many powers to exercise, if he wills, and Quim Torra is the president of an abstract nation that only assumes the powers it lacks. After all, for Quim Torra, and everyone who supports him, healthcare and nursing homes are lower priorities. It is not a subjective interpretation. The President of the Generalidad himself explained it the day after the first meeting with Pedro Sánchez in La Moncloa, on July 10, 2018, in which he traveled with a bottle of ratafia under his arm. In an interview with Matí de Catalunya Ràdio he said: “In 90% of the meetings we talked about self-determination. That’s the point, and I can’t entertain others with lower priorities”. Minor priorities, he aims well. But it’s Spain’s fault.


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