June 3, 2023

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Casado criticizes that Sánchez "intends to make a bilateral table that fractures equality among Spaniards habitual". He consider the first meeting of the table as "the payment of the political mortgage" by the investiture of Sanchez


The Popular Party has accused the Government and the PSOE of crossing “all imaginable political red lines in 40 years of democracy” and giving it an “institutional blow” by holding the first meeting of the dialogue table on Catalonia and agreeing that the meetings be monthly. In addition, this meeting considers “the first payment of the political mortgage that Catalan separatists are charged in exchange for the investiture of Sánchez.”

“The Government camouflages as a dialogue table what is a biased table of parties outside the Parliament,” protests the PP in a statement made public at the end of the meeting, in which it considers that the only presence of PSOE, Podemos, ERC and Junts Per Catalunya “delegitimates” its function by “leaving out all constitutionalist formations that represent the majority of Catalan society in the autonomous parliament.”

The Executive “intends to make a bilateral table that fractures equality among Spaniards habitual”, argues the PP, which also charges against the Government’s position of “allowing separatists to propose as a self-determination of Catalonia, the pardon of the coup plotters, the definitive fracture of Catalan society and the rupture of the territorial integrity of Spain. “

“In Spain, is commanding a disqualified person and a prisoner for sedition. And they intend to decide about Spain at a table outside Parliament and national sovereignty,” summed up the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, in a message on Twitter in which he presents his party as “the guarantee to avoid blackmail”.

Sánchez “submits to the independentist script,” according to the PP
For the popular, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, “submits, point by point, to the independentist script” and “consummates the breaking of the constitutional principle of equality among all Spaniards” by giving a “reward to the authors of the institutional coup against our democracy. “

On the other hand, it denounces the use by the Executive of the secessionist term “political conflict” and the omission of “any reference to the Constitution”.

The party shows its disagreement with the “staging of an international summit”, which it defines as “an unprecedented claudication in four decades of democracy” that “grants the disabled Torra treatment as head of state” and “allows entry to the headquarters of the Presidency of the Government to a defendant for the attempted coup d’etat on 1-O, Josep Maria Jové “.

Sanchez has chosen “radicalism in the face of moderation, extremism in the face of centrality. He chooses to break bridges instead of accepting the hand that the president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has extended,” the document concludes.

Citizens: the table negotiates “privileges for separatists”

For its part, the spokeswoman in the Parlament de Catalunya de Ciudadanos, Lorena Roldán, said that the meeting of the table has not served “to solve the problems of the Catalans, but to negotiate privileges for the separatists.”

For this reason, Roldán has lamented in a message on social networks “see Sánchez and his entire government kneeling before the blackmail of Torra” and has promised to continue “defending the majority of Catalans that Sánchez despises.”




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