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Secessionism has destroyed the political life of Catalonia. Without fuss but firmly, we should avoid that they could do the same in the whole of Spain

Daniel Gascón

25 MAY 2019 – 00:00 CEST

The secessionism did not succeed in breaking the Spanish democracy in the fall of 2017. The unilateral and illegal way, which violated the Constitution and the Statute and the rights of more than half of the Catalans, did not serve to obtain independence. But there are aspects that continue to work. Among them stands out the contempt of the pro-independence cohorts towards those who do not think like them: when they have an opportunity, they crush the rights of the dissenters. And also the disloyalty towards the State.

They cannot defeat democracy: they try to short-circuit it. Specialists of fraud, their tactics is to tense and wear down institutions, and use the guarantees of the rule of law in a project that aims to torpedo it. Their provocations, which pursue hegemony within the separatist movement, become the center of debate. The final objective is not mentioned. We discuss the difficulties they face in each intermediate sprint and the response to an unprecedented situation, and secessionism presents each small step -no matter in which direction- as a victory. If the State authorizes something, it is a victory over the State; if it does not authorize, it shows its repressive nature; Today’s prohibition justifies yesterday’s transgression. Separatism does not care about space-temporal paradoxes as it does not care to contradict logic: everything is propaganda, destined mainly for internal consumption.

They are presented as characteristic anomalies that Spain shares with other liberal democracies and at the same time the main anomaly of Spanish politics is hidden: the assault on constitutional order by separatism and the indulgence towards the supremacist tenets of the independence movement. While demanding a reverential respect for a variegated set of myths, fetishes and tribal superstitions, secessionism disregards common laws. It plays with them, as when the pro-independence MPs promise to abide by the Constitution and by the 1-O mandate, or when they say they abide by our legal framework but claim to be political prisoners.

It is a policy of interruption, based on trolling and shell-gaming. The secessionism has already managed to seize up the political life of Catalonia, to degrade the autonomic institutions, to become the only subject and to reduce the legislative activity. Without fuss but firmly, we should avoid that they could do the same in the whole of Spain. @gascondaniel


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