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The independence movement neither knows where it goes, nor has a strategy, nor is it capable of agreeing on a road map

Pilar Rahola

07/12/2019 00:11 Updated 12/07/2019 09:32

Only professionals know how to juggle politics without falling off the wire. And in this mess of pacts, where everyone pacts with everyone, but with sordine, the only ones who show professionalism are the Socialists. On the contrary, the two souls of the independence movement demonstrate a pathetic dose of amateurism.

The result is a success for a PSC commanded by two political professionals called Iceta and Zaragogoza. That is, in the art of politics, which is like the art of war, the idea of ​​Sun Tzu works when he advises to use the enemy to defeat the enemy. Or, in this case, the political adversary. And that’s what the PSC has done, setting up succulent traps where JuntsxCat and ERC have been falling, with the result of hurting each other, while the PSC was looking at it delighted. After all, the socialists knew that the two parties of October 1 are more disunited (and confronted) than ever, and that this weakness was pure gold to impose their strategy.

What has been the socialist strategy? Undoubtedly, accumulating all possible power, while evidencing that there is no union within the independence movement, and, at this point, the success has been complete. On the one hand, ERC has fallen into the trap of unnatural pacts to take symbolic mayoralties out of Junts, such as Sant Cugat or Figueres. On the other hand, Junts has committed the mortal sin of agreeing to the Diputación with the PSC, leaving out the Republicans, and, both of them, have shown that not agreeing with the parties of the 155 was a dead letter. And all this while Pedro Sanchez asks Pablo Iglesias if he would be part of a government where a 155 was re-signed. That is to say, the socialists have not moved even a comma of their positions of confrontation with the pro-independence side, but they have used them for their power pacts without messing their hair up. The pro-independence, on the contrary, have lost the entire hair in the maneuver. The playing, then, of the Sun Tzu by the Catalan Socialists has been a master move: they have used the enemy to defeat the enemy.

The independence movement neither knows where it goes, nor has a strategy, nor is it capable of agreeing on a road map

The move has had a second consequence, equally damaging to the independence movement: to show that, while unionism knows where it wants to go, and what its priorities are, the independence movement neither knows where it goes, nor has a planned strategy, nor is it capable of agreeing on a single line of a minimum route, just to plan the next steps. That is to say, it has become evident that, to the strategic sense of its adversaries, the independence movement is only capable of opposing pure and simple tactics. And you know that tacticts is like smoke, which vanishes with the wind. The final result is brutal: the PSC has not suffered any wear and tear because of its support for 155, ERC and JuntsxCat are in the midst of mud warfare, and people, on the street, do not understand anything. The spirit of October 1 is, today, a soul in pain.



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