March 2, 2024

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The current president of the ANC has just crossed the line that demarcates the civilization of discursive crime


We know Jordi Sánchez. And we know, without anyone telling us, that he sleeps badly. Not for residing in jail, but because of his successor in the presidency of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Elisenda Paluzie.

Jordi has always proclaimed his pacifist religion. To faith that it is desirable that you can enjoy it with yours with the homemade Nadal escudella i carn d’olla (Xmas broth). Like the overwhelming majority of their partners, they also proclaim we are pacifists “som gent de pau”. On the contrary, by praising the consequences of violence, Elisenda, its current president, has just crossed the line that defines the civilization of discursive criminality.

He does it in the cynical and immoral way of Quim Torra: appealing to the goodness of the mobilizations “in a non-violent key.” For, immediately and without reckoning with the contradiction, to extol the beneficial effects of violence since “it makes visible the conflict abroad”: always, of course, whoever breaks his head is a humble Mosso policeman or a discreet militant of base. Neither her nor the alleged president.

Paluzie extols, encourages and applauds the violence while validating its results according to the Machiavellian theorem that the end justifies the means. Although Nicolás de Maquiavelo was prior to the rule of law, from which nothing that violates the law – and less by the use of non-legitimate force, which is everything, except that of the State – is permissible.

Political violence only unfolds if social and political leaders advocate, protect or “explain and understand,” says essayist Nick Cohen. And if, in addition, law enforcement is weakened: as this does not happen and as no Mosso will tremble if he should legally arrest the ayatollah of the ANC, the only danger to citizen mental health is that she and her subsidized colleagues dedicate themselves to justify violent today, tomorrow their mentors and then the worst of that fight.

She and Torra already exceed all decency and all limits of democratic political flexibility. They relax the threshold of social intolerance with the violent. Normalize the pre-eminence of batasunos as Arnaldo Otegi in the Pati dels Tarongers of the Palau de la Generalitat, what blasphemy. They threw themselves against the alleged “criminalization” by the State of some alleged manufacturers of explosive devices under the sulphurous acronym CDR. And they praise the Slovenian secessionist model, which procured almost a hundred dead. Hozan in the lethal misfortune of others to obtain their own advantage.

Fortunately they do not exhibit the courage to hang an explosive bomb with detonator on the chest of each dissent, as those terrorists from the Terra Lliure universe who also made the conflict outside visible, the last step on the scale to the hells of the moral misery. They contrasted the whole of the Catalans, also their kindly followers.

They offend and humiliate them. They lead them to a black hole, mortuary and funeral.



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