December 2, 2023

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Public media journalists disobey the CCMA style book and professional councils and fill their networks of pro-independence messages

The style book of the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA) is very clear about the obligation of TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio workers to refrain from using social networks to spread messages that may question their objectivity. Many journalists of the two newsrooms and even members of the same professional committees ignore these instructions and fill their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook profiles with messages and photographs showing their support for the procés and the independence of Catalonia.

The operation manual of the CCMA Style Book states that “CCMA professionals cannot make public statements that compromise the impartiality of our media”. It also says that “in the public sphere, they cannot adopt positions in relation to political and social debates when, due to the work they carry out, our impartiality can be compromised”. In the face of the breach of these norms and before the last electoral cycle, the professional councils of TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio sent to the workers the statement The responsibility in the use of social networks, where they were asked “to be careful with our own image as credible, impartial and objective journalists. Not only now that an electoral period is approaching, but at all times”.

Many of these media professionals used social media to spread messages favorable to the independence procés or photographs of themselves wrapped with stellar flags or voting proudly in the consultations of November 9, 2014 and October 1, 2017. However, after the claims made by the professional councils, very few have changed their attitude.

Some editors justify their ideological display on the networks by claiming that their accounts are private and can say whatever they want. The professional councils consider that impartiality must also be carried on the web: “Our behavior in the public and private sphere also counts. We only have one digital identity. No matter how much in the description of the profiles of our accounts we declare that what we say are only personal opinions, even if we do not mention the company for which we work, if we misuse it this will affect all of us, it will spoil our image and directly damage the work of our colleagues who are covering that issue on which we are pronouncing ourselves”. “We encourage you to review your profiles, to think of social networks as another means of professional communication, to avoid to the maximum position ourselves on current issues and, of course, to not advocate for any type of disqualification”.

Panegyrics of Romeva and re-tweets of Puigdemont

Even members of the professional councils do not comply with their recommendations. Lluís Caelles, president of the TV3 professional council, hangs on his Twitter panegyrics of “the friend” Raül Romeva or highlights that the US PEN sees no rebellion in the performance of imprisoned independence leaders. The same applies to the Professional Council of Catalunya Ràdio, with several members who have breached or still fail to comply with the protocol, such as Marc Garriga, Susana Ortega, Montse Poblet or Ricard Isidro.

In the recently created Professional Council of Cultural Programs and Content of the CCMA are members journalists such as Linus Puchal, producer of news from 3/24 who sent an email from his CCMA account to Jordi Sánchez proposing a plan to surround the Parliament, or the documentary filmmaker Àngels Serres, signer of a manifesto for the independence of Catalonia that appeals to its Christian traditions and continuously retweets the messages of Carles Puigdemont, Jordi Cuixart, Clara Ponsatí, David Fernández or Albano Dante. The secretary of this body is Carme Canet, editor of Catalunya Ràdio, currently at iCat, who opens her profile with a poster with the faces of the 16 pro-independence leaders imprisoned or abroad.


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