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The president of the CCN (Catalan Business Center), Albert Pont, has dispatched at ease against the pro-independence political class: traitors, manipulators and false are some of the accusations launched

Marcos Lamelas. Barcelona
08/19/2019 05:00

The Catalan Business Center (CCN) is the ‘lobby’ that represents the small entrepreneurs who have been firmly committed to independence for years. From there came Joan Canadell, who founded this entity and now presides over the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Well, in an unexpected turn of events, the current president of the CCN, Albert Pont, has accused traitors of the entire sovereign political class, both those who occupy the Generalitat and those in jail or those who have opted to flee abroad. “Someday we will know if our authorities were fleeing from the Spanish Justice or from ourselves, if they surrendered to be tried or put under the protection of the State before a people who had just split their faces for them and had not forgiven a similar betrayal. They should not fear the trial of Spanish Justice, but the trial of history, ”said Pont.

That, and much more, has been put black on white by an Albert Pont who distilles tiredness and sadness over the situation and the impossibility of the Catalan independence process moving forward in the medium term. He has expressed it in a letter posted on the CCN website that is titled, with much irony ‘Consell per la República, L’outsider’, in an obvious mockery of the artifact assembled by Carles Puigdemont in Waterloo.


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Albert Pont became president of the CCN in 2013. He manages a ‘family office’ located in Masnou, where he is part of his family’s fortune, called The Black Swan Family Office. As a writer, he was the author of a pamphlet of some success in the independence world entitled ‘Delenda est Hispania’, in 2012, a work extended by the sociologist Salvador Cardús who gave arguments in favor of the independence of Catalonia and contemplated the dissolution of the Spanish State .

At the end of his term, Pont has launched a deep charge against the entire pro-independentist political class and then has gone on vacation. For Pont, “the ‘processism’ seeks our exhaustion” through a perverse mechanism, since “it has been a long time since everything revolves around prisoners, exiles and power struggles” instead of specifying anything, and concludes that “if we really want to protect them from their own executioners, it would be better to let them step aside.” According to this business leader, “nothing that can be decided from exile or jail will bring us closer to independence” and advocates a relief from the senior sovereign flat. No one has dared so much. Not even the president of Òmnium, Jordi Cuixart, when from the jail in January 2019 he asked for the movement “new leadership because you can’t govern either from jail or from prison”.

To lie and go bluff

The vision of the ‘facts of October’ of 2017 offered by Albert Pont makes one shiver. “We had the opportunity to warn the high positions of the Generalitat about the imprudence and the serious mistake that would be to go bluffing, until the bluff became so evident that our hearts shrunk before the rotundness of the lie that was being articulating, ”denounces the president of the CCN since his convinced independence. “Years later, we knew that everything responded to a manipulative will to build trust towards our representatives and institutions, to allow them to successfully sell us a story that would never be fulfilled,” says this businessman and writer. Pont uses the expression ‘bluff’, the same made popular by the ‘ex regional minister’ of Educartion Clara Ponsatí.

“There were neither state structures nor the minimum intention of making the declaration of independence effective,” says the president of an organization that has always defended Catalonia to be independent. And the same thinks of the current elected representatives in the Parliament. He also confesses that they warned the Generalitat that there would be a business leak similar to the one that had taken place in Quebec.

The imposture of the parties

On the current political moment, Pont points out that “today we begin to suspect that the apparent lack of political unity [of the independence parties] is just that: a crude appearance, a misrepresentation of reality,” which qualifies as “gross” ball de bastons’, the same choreography that prevents us from moving forward. ” An excuse, in essence, to postpone indefinitely the break with the Spanish State.

Therefore, the CCN “has stopped demanding unity from political parties because in doing so we could end up feeding a falsehood, while unwittingly we would divert public attention from what can really make us move towards independence.”

Albert Pont even states that if the CCN won the elections to the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, it was because politicians did not believe in victory

Faced with the hypocrisy of the political class, Albert Pont opposes the actions of the CCN. Thus, remember that the CCN has been the only body that in these years has achieved a success for independence by winning the chairmanship of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, a completely absolute victory: “Maybe we won so comfortably because the sovereign parties did not believe that our victory was possible. ”

This brutal distancing of the CCN from the Catalan leaders coincides with that of other entities of the separatist environment. Thus, the ANC has also marked distances with political parties. From the periphery of the Generalitat, the dissenting voices are more and more. And the feeling of stagnation of the political movement, more evident, however much there are new proclamations such as ‘ho tornarem a fer’ (we will do it again) by Jordi Cuixart.

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