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You (President Torra) and your puppies burningcontainers are a shame for the proindependentists. The editorial in 'Le Monde' says: “Catalan sovereignty, instead of seizing the opportunity, has stepped back burning streets and forgetting its peaceful tradition.

Xavier Sardà

Saturday, 10/19/2019 – 15:04

In recent days, I see that you see infiltrators everywhere. When something does not go well in the photo, infiltrated is the song. Infiltrated among those who burn the city, infiltrated in the Police and in the Mossos d’Esquadra, infiltrated everywhere. As if chaos had nothing to do with you. If we get conspired, someone might think that the infiltrate is you. An infiltrator in politics, in the ‘procés’, and even in the Benedictine basilica of Montserrat. That what I say is not so extravagant is demonstrated in the article by the brilliant Emma Riverola.

And if you are really an infiltrator of the CNI to destroy the ‘procés’? If so, you would be doing it first. You would be an agent without dissimulation and so extraordinarily awkward that no one would suspect you and you could not guess your double covert militancy. No one could assume that the Spanish intelligence services token to such a negligent infiltrate. You would be the perfect infiltrator to destroy the coexistence, the economy, the social peace and your own team. Not even the one of John Le Carré ‘ A traitor among us’, come on!!.

It is clear that the infiltrators have to hide. Phrases such as the ones you pronounce cannot be said except as an exercise of the secret agent’s own bending: “The Spaniards only know how to plunder,” “Out of jokes. Gentlemen, if we continue here for a few more years, we run the risk of ending up as crazy as the Spaniards themselves ”,“ Above all, what is surprising is the tone, the bad education, the Spanish poultry, a sense of filthiness. Horrible”.

The radical Christ that you have formed with your puppies ‘quemacontainers’ (burningcointainers) surely prevents any possibility of pardon for those who are supposedly trying to defend. Your police, your Government partners and the independentists with two front fingers are up to the bollocks with you. For greater dissimulation and folly, you say you will put the polls before finishing this term. You are an excellent infiltrator.

Look at what the editorial in ‘Le Monde’ says: “Catalan sovereignty, instead of seizing the opportunity, has stepped back burning streets and forgetting its peaceful tradition.” You are bigger than Kim Philby and Garbo together. There is almost less talk about political prisoners than about public order. Even those in the Tsunami are pensive. Until 10 minutes ago your Government partners have laughed at you, keeping the false image of unity hypocritically.

Several countries advise against traveling to Barcelona, ​​cruise ships pass by and other Spanish cities offer to host congresses that cannot be held here. Congratulations, yes, to the hundreds of thousands of Catalans in good faith who have manifested themselves. Awesome.



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