March 4, 2024

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Home » Content » The head of the riot police of the Catalan police force “Mossos” met Jordi Sànchez: “He told us ‘get out of here'”
Testimony at the trial of Procés: The command of Brimo (Mobile Brigade) was in charge of intervening when on September 20, 2017 a crowd surrounded the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy, in which a judicial committee practiced several records related to the 1-O The testimony has been devastating for one of the defendants, Jordi Sànchez, who has listened with a very serious face as the police officer described the control he had over what was happening: "And Mr. Jordi Sànchez takes out a mobile phone and tells me that is going to call the president and the interior conseller and that I am going to leave there, I am going to leave. " And so he did.


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