April 23, 2024

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According to IDEA - a Swedish democracy watch non partisan NGO - Spain is one of the world´s top 15 democracies in terms of representative government, fundamental rights, checks on government, impartial administration and participatory engagement".

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Chapter 5 (p. 211)

The state of democracy in Europe

This chapter begins by offering a brief overview of the long-term democratic trends in the Europe region, followed by an analysis of the current democratic landscape. It follows the Global State of Democracy (GSoD) conceptual framework as an organizing structure, covering issues linked to Representative Government, Fundamental Rights, Checks on Government, Impartial Administration and Participatory Engagement, and highlighting the current opportunities for democracy in the region, as well as the democratic challenges it faces. The analysis is based on the GSoD Indices as the principal data source but includes other sources to complement the analysis.

Regime classification for Europe, 2018 (page 241-242)

Regime classification for all of the countries in Europe covered by the GSoD Indices, as well as their respective scores on the five GSoD attributes.

Spain between the 15 Full High democracies of the world.



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