April 23, 2024

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The Board of the Commission notes that if the protests are not peaceful, they have not been communicated and "cause serious damage" to third parties are not protected by the right to protest


The Constitutional Law Section of the Illustrious Bar Association of Barcelona considers that the cuts in the roads and public services of recent weeks in Catalonia as a protest against the sentence to the leaders of the ‘procés’ are not protected under the fundamental right of manifestation.

In a note signed by its president, Francisco Chamorro Bernal, the section called “inadmissible social facts” protests called by Tsunami Democràtic and the CDRs that have caused traffic cuts intermittently and without prior notice.

In a note, the Board of the Section shows its “stupefaction” in view of what it considers “a generalized acceptance by the media and public institutions that the road cuts and other public services” constitute “an adequate exercise of the right fundamental manifestation ”.

Claim criminal responsibilities

The group rejects that these acts constitute an exercise of the fundamental right of manifestation, since art. 21 of the Constitution “requires that the demonstrations be peaceful and be communicated previously to the authorities.”

Likewise, they point out that the breach of the law “delegitimates the manifestations and transforms its participants into genuine violators of the fundamental rights of the rest of the citizens to whom they cause serious damages” to third parties, and demand the application of the Organic Law 4/2015 of Citizen Security so that there are criminal responsibilities, “something that has not been incomprehensibly produced”.



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