April 21, 2024

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One of the most painful mistakes of Catalan nationalists, the result of vanity and the ambiguous superiority complex that afflicts them

por Ignacio Vidal-Folch


One of the most painful mistakes of Catalan nationalists, the result of vanity and the ambiguous superiority complex that afflicts them, is the error of measures: the conviction – tirelessly denied by the facts – of being at the center of history; they recreate the idea that the avatars of our region have the tragic greatness of racial or national liberation processes; they imagine that the world looks at them and looks at them with sympathy and not with disgust; they believe that what their leaders and their masses in t-shirts do and say have decisive geostrategic importance and that they follow with interest in the Kremlin, in Brussels, in the White House …

Hence the provincial excitement when a report (usually paid by the Generalitat) on the Procés comes out in a newspaper or on a foreign television. The truth is that these vanity bids are less frequent every day, which shows in our chauvinists a certain discouragement: the damage that the repeated punishments of reality show in their vanity. In this sense they are touching.

Within this depressing angst these days we have attended two agitprop campaigns that have not gone very well.

First, the attempt to sell the instructions issued to the embassies by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, as a case of “espionage,” so that they are very aware of the activities of the Generalitat’s offices in foreign capitals.

This campaign has not been echoed, except in very sickly circles, unrecoverable for common sense. For everyone seems highly ​​reasonable that our embassies, whose task is precisely to give the best possible image of the State, send an official to the acts organized with public money by those offices so suspicious of rebellion and subversion, that once it has been necessary to close, to see what fake news they spread.

The second campaign, voluntary, but I fear that it is also in vain, has been orchestrated from reports from the Public newspaper discovering with great typographic display what was known for a long time: that the CNI was on track, was in contact and had as confidant the imam Abdelbaki Es Satty, responsible for the terrorist attack on the Ramblas. A further error, as there have been so many in all European police, in the devilish  fight against Islamist terrorism. But naturally TV3 and other bribed press has been quick to insinuate, when not to sustain, that the State allowed the terrorist attacks … to deactivate the proces!

How long will it take them to understand that the Procés does not worry the State too much, because has been deactivated through the four trials? …

This new conspiracy theory about the demonic imam resembles two drops of water that the yellow press once launched on the Atocha attacks. Specifically, El Mundo hinted at two hundred or three hundred editorials (written by Pedro Cuartango between bite and bite of his sausage sandwich) that the train attacks were not exclusively the work of an Islamic State (EI) cell, as was demonstrated pristinely, but a complex conspiracy between the Islamists and some murky elements, perhaps of the PSOE and of Police, with the objective that the PP lost – as it happened – the elections of 2004. It was what was called “conspiracy theory” ” I call it the black pudding conspiracy.

Like that malevolent and quarantine indecency, the new conspiracy theory of the CNI has been a failure, and it has been necessary to quickly turn the page. It doesn’t work, just like the campaign against Borrell. But both the similarity between the perfidies of the Procés with the black pudding of Cuartango, and the fact that one and the other only hook to the geeks, I believe that they are not only signs of the yellow misery of our press, but also of their impotence to conform a state of collective opinion … but also interesting symptoms of imaginative despair, of lack of ideas, of fatigue of materials in the via crucis route of the Procés.



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