December 8, 2023

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The agency sends a letter to business organizations around the world stating that the prisoners are "for breaking the law, not for their political ideas". The entity chaired by José Luis Bonet blames the 'procés' for the escape of 5,000 headquarters and places to work to overcome the fracture caused by this process

Agustí Sala

Barcelona – Lunes, 21/10/2019 – 21:57

The Chamber of Spain has gone on the offensive against the ‘procés’. Its president, José Luis Bonet, has sent a letter to different international cameral organizations in defense of Spanish democracy and in which he states that incarcerated politicians are in that situation “for breaking the law, not for their political ideas.”

At the same time, he calls for work to recover “coexistence” and overcome the “fracture” attributed to ‘procés’ and highlights that Spain “is a full and solid democracy, one of the most advanced in the world.”

pdf Document – Letter from the president of the Chamber of Spain.
Chamber of Commerce Spain

The letter, which shows respect for the Supreme Court ruling, has been addressed to Eurocámaras (which brings together the European chambers), to Aico, which agruates the Latin American ones, the World Chambers Federation and the 42 Spanish cameral entities and those abroad.

This step has been an initiative of Bonet, according to sources of the entity. There is the circumstance that one of the three vice-presidents of the institution is Joan Canadell, who is at the same time in charge of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and led the independence candidacy that won the last elections to the entity.

Canadell has become a pugdemonist and defender of independence and maintains tense relations with Bonet, especially after the first sneaks off the agenda, at the last plenary session held in the Cambra, a statement in favor of joining a “mass response” against the ruling of the Supreme Court.

The letter emphasizes that the sovereignty process “has caused and continues to cause obvious damage to the Catalan economy and businesses.” And remember that 5,000 have moved their headquarters “in the face of legal uncertainty caused by the events that have occurred since September 2017”, which led to the 1-O referendum.

The text highlights that Spain “is an exemplary country” that has reached “freedom and social progress quotas recognized and admired throughout the world.”

In Bonet’s opinion, the events carried out by politicians who are in jail was “an attempt to subvert the Spanish constitutional order with the convening of an unsecured and illegal referendum and an equally illegal declaration of independence, with which it is not according to the majority of the citizens of Catalonia and the rest of Spain. ”

In a strong defense of Spanish democracy, the letter explains that in the country “anyone can defend their postulates, including independence. But always within the Constitution and laws.”


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