March 20, 2023

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Sánchez's executive warns of using the Constitution if the "system" is violated

The central government has sent a message to Catalan President Quim Torra: “We ask you once again to make clear your respect for the laws of democracy and the principles of the rule of law, one of its basic principles is the separation of powers.” This is how the spokeswoman for the central executive, Isabel Celaá, expressed at the exit of the meeting of the Council of Ministers. Celaá has reacted in this way to Torra’s statements in favor of the detained and imprisoned CDRs. The spokeswoman for the Pedro Sánchez executive said that “much clearer attitudes are expected, regarding those who hold this responsibility.”

Regarding the resolutions adopted by the Catalan Parliament in the plenary of the general policy debate, Celaá has affirmed that “once they are officially published, instructions will be given to the State Advocacy to challenge them.” For Celaá these resolutions are “an attack on the coexistence between Catalans”, to add that “this government is not willing to consent to any attack on the Statute and the Constitution. Our proposal is dialogue within the Constitution against those who walk the path of disorder and even violence. “

Celaá has also launched a warning to the independence leaders when he affirmed that “the Constitution is our common tool for dialogue, but it will also be, if necessary, for the defense of our values ​​and our system against those who want violate it “, in a clear reference to the application of article 155. Hours earlier, the Minister of Justice had already told Onda Cero that the central executive” will not hesitate “to apply 155 if” circumstances arise “that made it necessary.


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