December 11, 2023

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The independence committees demand amnesty and the cessation of the 'conseller' Buch

The CDR Catalunya congratulated on Wednesday the protest actions of recent days and the economic losses generated by blocking access and merchandise from Europe, and ensure that the chaos will continue: “Independence or barbarism.”

They have also announced more protests the day the Tsunami Democràtic has terminated theirs until further notice. The CDR and other independent groups have warned through their respective channels that a ‘second wave’ of mobilizations is being prepared. They announce: “Reserve you until Friday”. They encourage those who wish to continue with demonstrations to be stocked with camping equipment and warm clothes. And they warn: “We will not call off.”

In parallel, in another statement released on his Twitter account, they talk about the beginning of a “new cycle of popular revolt actions” started a month ago that, together with the protests called by Tsunami Democràtic, have broken normality.

Demands to the authorities

“We warn Pedro Sánchez, the Government of Moncloa, Quim Torra, the Government of the Generalitat, the independence parties and the EU that this will be the situation” until the amnesty of 40 independent prisoners is achieved, the withdrawal of troops from the National Police and Civil Guard, the cessation of Interior regional minister Miquel Buch and the declaration of independence made effective.


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