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The advisory body blames the Catalan government for a lack of foresight, coordination and leadership

06/05/2020 11:21

 Buch, Torra and Vergès Editorial Staff

The Health Advisory Council (CAS), an advisory body to the department headed by counselor Alba Vergés, has issued several criticisms of the Government of the Generalitat’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

The fifteen medical professionals of the organ point out “deficiencies in the analysis and forecast of the importance of the pandemic”, in addition to a lack of forecast of the impact of the Covid-19 in nursing homes for the elderly and people with disabilities, publishes the Ara newspaper citing the content of the document prepared by the CAS,

In addition, this body has highlighted a lack of diagnostic tests and protective equipment and has missed “rigorous protocols and guidelines” on the prioritization of resources and care for people in the final stretch of life, as well.

The CAS also points out that “the feeling has been of lack of coordination and leadership”, despite the ideas contributed by groups such as the Bioethics Committee of Catalonia, as well as the absence of “a consensual, authorized and recognized scientific-technical voice of the health field “, also reveals Ara.

Likewise, these advisers consider that it has been given “the clearest expression of the ethical principle of justice and equity, at its maximum exponent, due to the fact of having to decide who could have more options to survive and who could not, no matter how hard it seems”, and that it has generated “unnecessary concern” and a “social alarm” that it judges “avoidable”, in the face of “the possible approach of establishing certain criteria almost as a priority, such as the person’s age”.


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