March 28, 2023

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The Generalitat is committed to "national tourism" from Spain, despite the defense of an independent state that would have better managed the crisis of Covid-19.

Manel Manchón 08.05.2020

Trekking route through the Pyrenees / Official Tourism Site of Catalonia

A very difficult summer for tourism, which can only be saved, in part, if visits from the rest of Spain are achieved. Those responsible for Tourism of the Generalitat are clear now, and appeal to the “emotional ties” with the rest of Spanish citizens.

The bet comes after the constant anger with the central government chaired by Pedro Sánchez, and with statements by the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, in which he has defended that with an independent state, Catalonia would have managed the crisis in another way for the Covid-19, surely with fewer deaths.

National market

Despite everything, the commitment to tourism in the rest of Spain is clear. The idea had already been drawn by the Presidential adviser, Meritxell Budó, with a call for “national tourism”. And it was corroborated in an economic meeting this past Tuesday, electronically, by the director of the Catalan Tourism Agency, David Font. According to this person in charge, “now it is time to promote in the domestic market. It is a shared strategy with the provincial councils and with the territorial entities, with which we will carry out the campaign”.

The situation is extremely serious. Budó pointed out that the Government “will accompany those companies that are having a hard time in the tourism sector.”

Commuting by car

At the Catalan Tourism Agency meeting, the director of international markets, Maria Pons, pointed out that the Spanish public “is the first one that needs to be addressed”, and that this first promotional action will have a special impact on “emotional ties “

Given the mobility difficulties, and the fact that markets such as the German or the French will not keep pace with other years, the Generalitat will turn to the “national” market. More than half of the visitors to Catalonia come from the rest of Spain, and, with the Covid crisis, most of the trips will be made by car, so they will pamper the attraction of tourists from other autonomous communities.


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