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The defenses of imprisoned independentists may request the application of article 100.2 to go to work daily

ÀNGELS PIÑOL Barcelona 9 ENE 2020

The Department of Justice of the Generalitat today classified as imprisoned second-degree prisoners the independence leaders thus accepting the proposal of the treatment boards made last 11th. The second degree or ordinary regime – which meets the majority of prisoners in Spain – implies that political leaders will not be able to enjoy exit permits for now. Third grade, on the other hand, would imply that they can get out of jail and return just to sleep.

The classification service team of the secretary of criminal measures reintegration and attention to the victim, dependent on Justice, issued a statement this afternoon informing of the classification. “All the resolutions underline a favorable insertion process but will consider it taking into account the duration of the sentences, between nine and 13 years. Despite this, the service reminds the treatment boards that as established by the penitentiary legislation,” the regime of life in the second degree allows the progressive start of the return to the community. “

The granting of this second degree means that prisoners may request the application of article 100.2 of the prison regulations, which would allow them flexible exits to go to work or cover other needs. The Prosecutor’s Office has already warned that it will not allow that article to be used as a “third undercover degree” – it only requires sleeping in jail – and that it will review on a case by case basis.

The treatment boards will now have a maximum term of half a year to propose a change of grade. At the same time, Jordi Sánchez plans from the 14th day to request the ordinary permits that correspond to him for having served a quarter of his sentence.



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