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Home » Content » The beating of the radicals to the man who tried to put out a barricade in flames in Barcelona
Devastation in the center of Barcelona. Hundreds of burnt containers, people running, hooded, empty restaurants and scared tourists.

15 octubre, 2019 23:48

Victoria Fernández

The altercations have caused more than a dozen fires throughout the city and several situations of tension.

Catalan police Mossos acted with prudence and firmness to stop radicals.


Protests in Barcelona have caused more than twenty fires in the city. The columns of smoke rose at night while the Mossos charged against the independence radicals. The hooded fed the fires with whatever object they found in their path. In some images security agents have been seen trying to put out the fires.

Some neighbors have also taken to the streets to try to put out the fires that dotted the city. One of them has been attacked by a group of radicals when trying to extinguish with the fire that consumed a container. Several members of the CDR have fallen on him, beating him. At that time, several police vans arrived along the road, which could not advance because it was cut.



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