March 24, 2023

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The separatist entity pressures ERC and urges them to take advantage of the predictable condemnation of the Supreme Court to "gain strength"

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Descripción: La entidad separatista presiona a ERC e insta a aprovechar la previsible condena del Supremo para "coger fuerza".

Demonstration of the Diada | EFE

The Asamblea Nacional Catalana (ANC)  asks for “unity” to the separatist parties and demands that they recover the unilateral way. After the After the controversy with ERC, the separatist entity has presented in its social networks a video in which it is confirmed that its role has always been to condition the political agenda and the “sovereignty” parties.

In the video, which serves as an announcement of the next demonstration of the “Onze de Setembre”, the ANC recalls the appeal of Carme Forcadell (first president of the entity) to Artur Mas to put the ballot boxes of 9-N, as well as the allegations by Jordi Sànchez and Elisenda Paluzie to the parties to fulfill the supposed “democratic mandates” of the “people of Catalonia”.

The former member of the Spanish Parliament from ERC Joan Tardà reproached the ANC its pressures in favor of unilateralism and met with a harsh response from the most ultra-independent sector of the pro-independence side, which called him “traitor”. The president of the ANC, Elisenda Paluzie, also recalled that the “essence” of the entity has been to condition politicians and influence the agenda, the activities precisely questioned by the veteran Republican leader Tardà.

Paluzie continues to bet on behalf of the ANC in a unilateral way because “the State does not recognize us as a political subject” and she questions in that way the alleged “negotiating” and “moderate” strategy of ERC, whose leaders are in favor of lowering the tone of the independence speech and facilitate a negotiation under the table with the Executive led by Pedro Sánchez.

In the ANC, on the other hand, they consider that this scenario is “unrealistic” and that it is necessary to take advantage of the foreseeable condemnation by the Supreme Court of the coup plotters to unite the parties and force a new onslaught against the State. The sentence must serve, according to Paluzie, to boost and increase mobilizations and “gain strength” for the unilateral route.

The dominant theory in the ANC is that the declaration of independence must be repeated if in the next autonomous elections the separatist parties exceed fifty percent of the votes. The ANC adds in this way to the strategy of Òmnium, the other separatist entity, embodied in the “We will do it again” campaign.


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