March 28, 2023

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The dossier includes 23 questions that can be asked abroad about the sovereignty process

Fighting the independence speech was one of the objectives proposed by Josep Borrell when he arrived at the Foreign Ministry and has done so whenever he could, inside and outside Spain. Communications and instructions to diplomats have been constant to counter that speech. The latest document released by the Secretary of State of Global Spain, led by Irene Lozano, explains in 72 pages “the reality about the independence process.”

This is a guide for those responsible for Foreign Affairs who talk about the process abroad and is distributed among correspondents, journalists abroad and other international interlocutors. The document includes a chronology of the process, from the Day of 2012 until the elections of December 21, 2017 and dedicates an important section to the “trial of the process”, in which the crimes of which the independent leaders are accused are explained , why the escaped cannot be judged and the facts that, according to the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Advocacy, are charged. It also includes information on how the criminal process in Spain is. The report also defends “the independence and guarantees of the Spanish judicial system.”

The last section is devoted to possible questions and answers that arise regarding the process, from why they are not allowed to vote on independence to differences with the cases of Scotland or Canada, on police violence on 1-O, or if Catalonia’s segregation would mean Catalonia’s exit from the EU.

The false and the true according to Global Spain

The dossier The reality about the independence process made public by Global Spain is divided into several sections, one of which includes a report in which it refutes “the slogans of secessionism.” It is about responding to the “falsehoods spread about the process and the situation in Catalonia”. Arguments to which the report opposes “objective facts.”

The following paragraphs are an excerpt from the “slogans” (under the heading of false in the document) and the replica of “objective facts” (under the heading of true or real – both in the Spanish and English edition the word fact). In total, the Global Spain report raises 46 “false” facts with its consequent “true” explanation



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