October 3, 2023

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They are National Councilors Mathias Reynard, Yannick Buttet, Lisa Mazzone and Viola Ahmerd. The cost of the operation is 4157 euros. 

Coupled with information published in the press both in Switzerland and Spain, the revelations of the report of the Tribunal de Cuentas No 1.319 concerning the money invested for actions outside the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, for the years 2011 – 2017, will, no doubt, to make the effect of a bomb.

We discover the rise of Diplocat in Switzerland. During the year under review, the Consell de Diplomàcia Pública de Catalunya not only leads the “Helvetico-Catalan Parliamentary Friendship Group” but also takes part in drafting the speeches of Swiss parliamentarians. Among others, the lobbyist installed at the Casa de les Punxes in Barcelona, ​​founded on November 20, 2012, finances the stay alongside Puigdemont, April 19 to 21, 2017, four Swiss parliamentarians. They are National Councilors Mathias Reynard, Yannick Buttet, Lisa Mazzone and Viola Ahmerd. The cost of the operation is 4157 euros. 

Amount certainly not excessive, except that it is about the taxes of all Catalans. That is to say also the money of the social majority which is not independentist. It can not be repeated enough beyond the borders of Catalonia. Outside of these four parliamentarians who are reluctant to talk to the constitutionalist Catalan political parties, during their trip all expenses paid by the taxpayer, Viola Ahmerd is a Federal Councilor since January 1, 2019.

As for the three others they continue their pressure within the Swiss government throughout the year 2017. Notably with an interpellation on June 7, 2017 “Can we let the Catalan situation rot? “. Once again, the existence of the social majority of autonomy is denied. It is the one who feels as much Spanish as Catalan. For the Swiss elected officials mentioned in this article, it does not exist. Worse on September 27, 2017, we find the politicians Mathias Reynard, Yannick Buttet and Lisa Mazzone among the eleven signatories of an open letter to the Spanish government. While the Catalan autonomy has just been the victim of an attempted coup fomentée by the separatist apparatus, respectively on 6 and 7 September, Swiss elected officials invoke the Swiss democratic values ​​to lambast the authorities of Madrid. These policies, presumably schizophrenic, forget that in the country of the watches and the money of the corrupted and corrupting Jordi Pujol one has no right either to violate the statute of an autonomy, or of an electoral law, nor of the sentences courts and even less of the national constitution. It is the guarantor of living together.

Another worrying fact is that among the seven Swiss ministers who today lead the destiny of the Heidy nation, in addition to Viola Ahmerd, is Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis himself a member of the nebula of the “Parliamentary Friendship Group”. Swiss-Catalan. Does the fact that Diplocat is leading two out of seven Swiss ministers explain the lax attitude towards mass manipulation and destabilization perpetrated from the Swiss territory against the young Spanish democracy?

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