August 14, 2022

Non-partisan and pluralist communication and debate platform

For an Improved Catalonia 

OpenKat is a non partisan and pluralist communication and debate platform opposed to every form of  nationalism whose main purpose  is the defense of democracy in Catalonia, Spain and Europe with a special focus on providing accurate information about the present situation in Catalonia as well as on finding potential solutions to the existing conflict; a divide that has resulted in a deep rift within Catalan society.

We are a non-profit association born in Catalonia also including a network of collaborators from all of Spain and Europe who are opposed to every form of populism and nationalism in their different manifestations.

within an Improved Spain

In addition to distributing verifiable content, our aim is to stimulate dialogue,  sometimes including opposite views on potential solutions in face of the mentioned challenges.

In this context OpenKat offers a communication and debate platform which is open to opinions covering the entire political spectrum as long as they are respectful of the existing laws of Spain and the European Union.  In particular we seek to harbour and diffuse alternative opinions on solutions  within the existing legal framework, including those which require legal changes respecting established qualified majority rules.

and European Union

Although our team works 100% on a volunteer basis, OpenKat relies on donations for web maintenance, content distribution through digital means and for organizing roundtables in different European capitals. 

OpenKat Team