December 10, 2023

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The entity's will is to "open" the platform to "independentists who may also feel affected" by a "political scam"

The new president of the Societat Civil Catalana (SCC), Fernando Sánchez Costa, explained that on Saturday, September 21, they will present the Platform of People Affected by the Procés to explain that the independence process “has been very toxic for all Catalans”. “We want it to be known here, in the rest of Europe and in the world, that here we are not simply talking about a State that subdues minorities. No, the thing is very different, because there are many people here who have also felt subjugated and discriminated against because of the politically correct, institutional pressure and independence, ”he said in an interview with the Europa Press agency.

The will of Societat Civil is to open this platform to “independentists who may also feel affected by the process that may come to think that they have distorted some years of their lives by promising them things that could not be done.” For the new president of SCC, they also “are victims of a political scam”, which ensures that it consists of promising things that cannot be fulfilled and generating illusions that have later become disappointments, he considers.

The Platform will be one of the three projects that the entity plans to promote in the short term, but it will not be the first, since on Saturday, September 7, they will hold a conference “for linguistic coexistence” with the participation of international academics and from all over Spain.

SCC seeks with this initiative “to rethink the linguistic model both in Catalonia and in the whole of Spain and to ensure that everyone has their linguistic rights recognized – the Catalan speakers and the Spanish speakers – also in Catalonia.” “This should be normal in institutions, in public spaces, but is not happening. And also in the whole of Spain. Spain can also rethink its linguistic model. We do not have the formula; that is why we want to open the debate to dialogue for people who know, who have thought from different perspectives ”, he argued.

Appeal to disenchanted catalanists

Sánchez Costa wants to expand the entity which he presides, so he calls those who feel Catalan and Spanish at the same time to participate all together, either “if they think a little like that or a little differently”. He assures that the opens doors to people who come from Catalanism and that at some point they have been attracted by the pro-independence process “but that they have later realized that it only led to the internal disintegration of Catalonia.” “These people have to play an important role in SCC. We must make a winning strategy; you cannot make only a resistance strategy. We want to invite the majority of Catalans to overcome this maze that makes us absolutely fed up, ”he has settled.


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