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The president of the Catalan Civil Society (SCC), Fernando Sánchez Costa, has asked the constitutionalist parties on Friday to stay "united" and "cool-headed" against the "insurrectional climate" at which, in his opinion, have derived "some sectors of the pro-independence movement."

27/09/2019 12:30

“We know that it is an electoral campaign, that it is complicated, but we ask that there be that minimal union and a cold head at an extremely complicated and delicate moment,” he said at the gates of the Ciutat de la Justícia, where he has come to denounce the City Council of Barcelona before the Electoral Board to remove the yellow ribbon from the town hall.

Sánchez Costa has warned of a “new political situation” in Catalonia marked by the “insurrectional climate” of the independentists, but has guaranteed that the entity “will face” those who defend “the unilateral way” and has asked the constitutional formations to do the same.

“We see with extreme concern how the most serene climate in Catalonia has drifted back into an insurrectional atmosphere by some sectors of the pro-independence movement,” he said before censoring that Catalan institutions “play with fire.”

As he said, “it makes no sense that one of the communities with more self-government in Europe enter into a kind of national populist rhetoric more typical of authoritarian regimes,” which is why it has urged that “autumn 2017” be repeated. , when the 1-O referendum was held.

“In Catalonia we have already had enough affectation and devastation to relive what we went through in 2017,” he stressed.

Likewise, Sánchez Costa has reproached the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and several independentist deputies who “applaud and jelly” the seven members of the Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR), accused of preparing terrorist actions and those who yesterday judge ordered to enter provisional prison without bail.

“It seems to us a real shame that in the 21st century in this democratic society some people, without knowing the details of the case, go out to support some people accused of such serious crimes,” he said.

On the other hand, he has expressed his “affection, warm and pride for the work of the Civil Guard” after the Catalan Parliament approved, with the votes in favor of JxCat, ERC and the CUP a resolution requesting the “withdrawal “of the Civil Guard from Catalonia.



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