March 20, 2023

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Exploring the endogenous historical factors and contemporary dynamics that have led to unprecedented political polarisation and social fragmentation within Catalonia around the issues of secession, ethnic identity and language. A sociological study on the social division in Catalonia, political polarization and induced tension was presented at the London School of Economics: Dimensions and time persistence of Catalonian social divide induced by the secessionist venture

Conference hosted on Tuesday 03 December 2019 by the Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit, Department of International Development, The London School of Economics and Political Science, London

Read pdf and power point presentations:

LSE – Social Fragmentation in Catalonia

The Catalonian pathway to social fracture

Who supports independence?

Joint with

Adolf Tobeña, Dept. Of Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine, Institute of Neurosciences, Universitat Autonoma Barcelona


José Maria Oller, Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Statistics, University of Barcelona

Based on:

Oller, J.M., Satorra, A. & Tobeña, A., Pathways and legacies of the secessionist push in Catalonia, Linguistic frontiers, economic segments and media roles within a divided society, Policy Network Paper,14

October 2019,

Oller, J.M., Satorra, A. & Tobeña, A. Unveiling pathways for the fissure among secessionists and unionists in Catalonia: identities, family language,  and media influence. Palgrave Commun 5, 148 November 2019,

…in open access


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