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Sedition is not liked by anyone because it forces them to change strategy

Albert Sáez

Monday, 10/14/2019 – 10:27

The Supreme Court has established the judicial truth about the events of October 2017 in Catalonia. Each citizen will continue to have their own point of view. Some will continue to think that it was only an exercise of the right to political participation and free expression of their ideas. Others will persist in the coup theory and will continue to demand revenge. Democratic coexistence consists in accepting the opinion of justice, even if it is appealed and protested for its consequences. In any case, now is the time to administer the reactions with moderation. It is possible that the attribution of a crime of sedition does not please almost anyone. Without a doubt, it is a setback for the ideologues of the violent coup theory. What happened did not attempt against the constitutional order, at least in the acts effectively perfected, since there were laws that were not published and much less applied. But neither was it, the court considers, a mere manifestation or disobedience. Public disorders were promoted.

The great paradox is that the sentence forces both sides to change strategy. The State may be satisfied that the police and justice have halted the ‘procés‘, but they are not enough to overcome the pro-independence movement. Politics is needed. And the pro-independence groups must understand that the transition from deliberation to revolt dwarfs them, leaving them with less international support if possible and reducing their capacity for political pact. Interestingly, some of the sentenced are at this point more clairvoyant than those who are free. Many will go out into the streets these days. They can do it like the intelligent crowds that organized the defenses of the 1-O or the Catalan Way. Or they can do it awkwardly as in the Ministry of Economy on September 20. This movement is neither a revolution of smiles as it advocates a breakup nor is it a typical kale borroka because it does not practice violence. What is missing these days is just stop those who advocate intimidation and support those who seek negotiation.


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