December 3, 2023

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Separatism looses 500,000 votes. Supporters of breaking with Spain do not reach 40%

Separatism looses 500,000 votes as the independentist forces have added half a million less votes than in the last elections to Parliament, although ERC has managed to position itself as the most voted force. Between Republicans and Junts per Catalunya they have obtained just over 1.5 million votes, far from the 2 million obtained on 21-D of 2017. 

To these, it is necessary to add the 113,000 independentist votes obtained by the Republican Front led by Albano Dante Fachin, but they were not enough to obtain parliamentary representation. In this way, the sum of the independentist forces, including the Republican Front mentioned, was 39.38%, also far from the 47% that occurred on the 21st of 2017.


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