March 20, 2023

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About the movie The renowned documentary maker Albert Solé ("Bucharest, the lost memory") reflects on federalism as the ideal political model in a multicultural and diverse world.

Paolo Vacca Presentation

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History, present and future of a proposal that seeks to reconcile the benefits of autonomy and integration in societies marked by the presence of multiple identities. The state of affairs of the hand of thinkers and leaders of international scope such as Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Romano Prodi, Joan Bottle, André Lecours or Emma Bonino. But also federalism explained from within, from the experience of anonymous citizens: what we know, where we are going to use, the possibilities in the increasingly globalized world. And a look at federal experiences and traditions, the successes and failures of the model.

A delegation of Federalistes d’Esquerres (Federalists of Left), headed by its president, Joan Botella, moved to Brussels on April 8 and 9 to participate in the screening of the documentary FEDERAL directed by Albert Solé in the European Parliament. The trip and the presentation of the documentary were possible thanks to the invitation of Members of the European Parlament (MEPs), Javi López and Ernest Urtasun. A hundred people attended the projection of “Federal” where Beatriz Silva, member of the board of directors and one of the producers of the documentary, intervened in the name of Federalists of Left. Silva highlighted the enormous work that led to this ambitious project funded with contributions from several hundred patrons who contributed from 10 euros to more important amounts, “a federal project”. He also stressed that the documentary was made not only to address the social and political crisis in Catalonia, but also to explain the federal solution proposed by the association for Spain, Europe and the world.

“Federalism is the only way to face the great problems of the 21st century, such as inequality, poverty or climate change.” Joan Botella, president of the Federalists, made the initial greeting and closed the ceremony, and stressed that Federalists of Left aspired to a world without borders. For this reason, “Federal” begins by showing the planet earth from the space where they can not see borders representing the spirit of the documentary and the association. Ernest Urtasun and Javi López agreed on the need for Europe to continue advancing towards federalism, as a more appropriate means for European construction and the importance of the next European elections to give a new impetus to the European project. MEPs also observed that Europe continues to suffer from democratic deficits and pointed out that, probably, the next legislature will be perhaps more marked for solving specific problems than for big gestures, such as treaties. There was also coincidence between MEPs and attendees regarding the great importance of the upcoming European elections, in the face of challenges such as Brexit and the emergence of the European political map of extreme right and Europhobic forces.


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