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Skynews - "The first to vote upon the principle of negotiations, and the second upon the outcome of them," Sir John says.

By Alan McGuinness, political reporter

Monday 9 November 2020

Sir John said the Brexit saga could offer a potential solution

Former prime minister Sir John Major has suggested that Scotland could get two referendums on independence.

Sir John said a refusal from Boris Johnson to sanction another vote could increase support for separation.Sponsored link

“In law, the Scots require the approval of the Westminster government before they can legally hold a new independence referendum,” he said in a speech delivered at the Middle Temple’s 2020 Lecture Series.

“But refusing one might help the separatist case, by adding to the list of grievances the Scottish National Party exploit with such skill.

“The choice for the UK government is either to agree the referendum can take place – or to refuse to permit it.

“Both options come with great risk.”

Sir John, who was in Downing Street from 1990 to 1997, said the saga surrounding Britain’s exit from the European Union could offer a potential solution.



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