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Sánchez Costa sees ERC becoming a state republican party “in the style of the Northern League”

08/03/2019 10:56 Updated 03/08/2019 16:50

The president of Catalan Civil Society (SCC), Fernando Sánchez Costa, has opted to focus the strategy of the organization on the channeling of the social movement that supports independence towards a goal of improving Catalonia and the whole of Spain: “You cannot say ‘no’ to two million people”.

“People are beings of common sense and you cannot say to two million people:  ‘No, what you have done for six years makes no sense. The pro-independence procés, all your mobilizations, all this has not been worth anything’. You cannot say that because it will not be accepted and cannot be assumed psychologically or politically”, he argues in an interview with Europa Press.

For the leader of SCC, some claims “that have given wings” to the independence movement might include interesting elements which, well understood, could improve Catalonia and the whole of Spain: he gives as an example some financing mechanisms -like managing some taxes-, the responsibility of Catalonia in the Government of Spain and the management of commuter trains.

If the money is in Madrid, the fault is always with Madrid. Therefore, it is good to take responsibility here

He has positioned himself in favor of the autonomies managing taxes more directly and believes that in Catalonia this would cause some independence proclamations to stop making sense: “If the money is in Madrid, the fault is always with Madrid. Therefore, it is good to take responsibility here”.

For this reason, he raises the question to the independence civic movement telling them: “The meaning was not to achieve independence, because this you know is not possible in the constitutional and European framework of the 21st century, but it can have other meanings, and what we all have to do is to see how this civic movement can be channeled to improve Catalonia and improve Spain”.

He assumes that his opinion may not be habitual, but it makes sense anthropologically, sociologically and politically, because “you cannot say only one ‘no’ to the claim of two million people which will have been more or less induced or provoked by power, but is real”.

He has warned that you cannot understand only those two million people, because there are two other millions “who think otherwise and have felt and suffered during these years, also have illusions, and you have to really listen to them”, which he considers has never been done, neither from Barcelona nor from Madrid.

He promises to continue defending that the public space “be not constantly colonized by a single political ideology, and a really plural education in the school, where the two languages ​​of Catalonia are understood as a wealth; a fair Catalan electoral law, which stops the environmental pressure experienced in the interior Catalonia and the institutional doping with which the Generalitat has controlled Catalan society for years”.

ERC must be clear

The president of the pro-constitution organization has explained that, in order to promote a common strategy to improve Catalonia, ERC “has to be clear” because he believes that some voices there are opening to an audience beyond independence, but also beyond Catalonia itself.

“ERC has to be clear: either it wants to be an insurrectional party or wants to be a kind of state party, which is sometimes the feeling I have, that there is that possibility of ERC becoming a Northern League style movement. There are certain strategies suggesting that some might consider becoming a state republican party”, and he has referred directly to the Republican leader in Congress, Gabriel Rufián.

Sánchez Costa believes that Republicans know that “the state will not give up or give in to blackmails”, and he adds that in politics you can talk about everything, but that in the democratic states of the 21st century, blackmails are not accepted, he stated.


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