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The President of the European Parliament calls for support measures for the poorest

06/13/2020 18:36 | Updated 06/14/2020 14:25

The President of the European Parliament, in a photo from an image archive (EP)

David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, has put the approved minimum vital income in Spain as an example of the measures to support citizens that are needed to combat the effects of the crisis in Europe.

In a speech in the framework of the opening of consultations of the Government of Italy on the recovery strategy after the coronavirus, Sassoli stated that “all the indicators tell us that the crisis will hit hard, we need structural reforms and measures to directly support people”. In this sense, he exemplified the measures with the Spanish case. “In recent days, Spain has approved the minimum vital income, to support the right to life of the poorest citizens”, said the Italian politician in his speech.


Sánchez speaks of a “more just, dignified, equitable and committed Europe”

“Spain advances in rights and social justice. That is the way. Let us continue to work together for a fairer, more dignified, equitable and committed Europe with people”, replied Spanish President Pedro Sánchez via Twitter.

For Sassoli, economic reconstruction is not just about approving emergency measures, but “changing the main lines that have governed Europe for the last 20 years”. “The neoliberal model that led the Union to difficulties and imbalances cannot have a role in this new phase”, he said. In this environment of change, he asked to involve citizens and protect the most vulnerable, basing the new model on the green economy, sustainability and the digital transition.


The minimum vital income can be requested from this Monday

The minimum vital income may be requested from this Monday, June 15, and guarantees an income of between 462 and 1,015 euros depending on the members who live in the requesting household.

Among the various assumptions, the guaranteed income in one-person households is 5,538 euros per year (up to 462 euros for each of the twelve payments), if two adults live together it amounts to 7,200 euros per year (up to 600 per pay), if the household forms with an adult and a child are 8,418 euros per year (702 euros per pay maximum), if they are two adults and a child the total rises to 8,861 euros per year (738 euros per pay); and in homes of two adults and two children, the covered income goes to 10,523 euros (877 euros in each maximum payment). The highest amount, of 12,184 euros per year or 1,015 euros per month, will be charged in households with 2 adults and 3 or more children; 3 adults and 2 or more children; or 4 adults and a child.


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