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Deputy Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas informs the Congress of remuneration of more than 830,000 euros a year

Sunday 26/01/2020

The deputy of Junts (JxCat) Jaime Alonso-Cuevillas, one of the lawyers of the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, included professional income exceeding 830,000 euros per year in the declaration of assets and income that he presented to Congress after the elections of November 10, which is four times more than the 190,000 euros he declared six months earlier, just after the elections of April 28.

The declaration of Alonso-Cuevillas had been pending publication, since he could not take possession of his seat on December 3 during the constitution of the new Congress because in those days he underwent a surgical intervention that prevented him traveling to Madrid. He did it weeks later, specifically, before the start of the Pedro Sánchez investiture debate.

Specifically, the parliamentarian informs the lower house that in the last annual fiscal year he had a total income of 857,666.46 euros, of which 788,214.99 euros come from his professional activity as a lawyer, another 50,335.29 in concept of ‘perceptions salaries and delivery of courses’, and 19,116.18 euros for the collection of rentals.

Those more than 850,000 euros of income that he declared as of November 21, 2019 contrast with the 206,450 euros he said he had received in the declaration of assets that he presented in the Lower House half a year earlier: 113,646.34 euros for professional returns, 77,180 , 96 euros for salary payments and delivery of courses and 15,622.69 euros for rentals.

More than 200,000 euros of personal income tax

In addition, Alonso-Cuevillas details that in 2018 he paid 218,912.09 euros for personal income tax, more than double what he paid in April 2017, which was 95,030.29 euros, according to the statements of both years, collected by Europa Press.

The independentist lawyer declares to have little more than 10,000 euros in his accounts and bank deposits, as well as shares and participations in different companies or entities for a value close to 400,000 euros. The bulk of that share capital is in two professional offices of which it owns 75% of the shares: about 280,000 euros in the Societat Gestora d’AC Advocats i Consultors, SL and another 83,000 euros in Alonso-Cuevillas Advocats, SL.

As for properties, Alonso-Cuevillas claims to own a home in Estartit (Girona), an apartment and an office in Barcelona, ​​and a commercial space and two parking spaces also in the Catalan capital, whose ownership corresponds to a company of its property (Societat Gestora d’AC Advocats i Consultors, SL).

It also has two cars, a Mini Cooper for leasing (rental with purchase option) and an Audi Q7 for renting (rental), as well as two motorcycles, a Peugeot Elyseo 150 and a Suzuki Burgman 200, and a Beneteau Antares ( leasing) with mooring in the port of Estartit (Girona).

Finally, the lawyer of Puigdemont owns four pension and death plans for a total value that exceeds 260,000 euros, and has three mortgages for his two homes, with Banco Popular and Caixabank, and for the business premises of the Gestat Gestora d’AC Advocats Consultant, with BBVA, with an outstanding capital of 650,000 euros.


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