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The 'expresident' accuses Brussels of "closing his eyes" in the face of "the violence of the Spanish State" and questions that Brussels is a reference for democracy. The criticisms expressed in an opinion piece follow demonstrations in defense of the Kremlin in the war in Ukraine

Marc MarginedasMoscú – Domingo, 27/10/2019 | Actualizada 29/10/2019 – 09:43


Carles Puigdemont returns to intervene in the Russian official media. In an opinion column published in Komsomólskaya Pravda, the ‘expresident’ attacks the EU with unprecedented hardness so far, accusing Brussels of allowing one of its member states to “use violence against its citizens”.

“It hurts to verify that all European political institutions see all this and remain silent,” he said, referring to the riots in recent days in the Catalan capital. Russian official media, in particular the first television channel, have dedicated ample space to the events of Barcelona, ​​comparing them with the demonstrations that took place in Moscow in summer against electoral manipulation, and denouncing what the Kremlin considers as a double standard when judging both events.

EU democracy

Puigdemont has also spared no criticism when evaluating the decisions taken by the European institutions that have prevented him from occupying the seat obtained during the last European elections in May. “If for the European Union it has no meaning that the list of winners in the elections to the European Parliament in Catalonia that I headed does not have representation, this means that the EU agrees to stop being the undisputed guide to democracy, which allowed to give lessons of democracy to the whole planet ”, writes the ‘expresident’.

In recent months, Puigdemont has been giving interviews to the Russian official media in which he expressed positions that pleased the Kremlin and distanced him from consensus in the EU on issues such as the annexation of Crimea or the war in eastern Ukraine, supporting publicly the integration of both territories in the Russian Federation. However, he had refrained to date to criticize the EU frontally and even in some public interventions appeared next to a European flag. Criticisms against Brussels, surely, will be well received in the Kremlin, faced since 2014 with the EU precisely in the wake of the war in Ukraine and the support of the Russian State to ultra-nationalist and ultra-rightist political forces.

Barcelona and Hong Kong

In the rest of the opinion article, Puigdemont pours the usual sentences against the State and against the sentence to the imprisoned politicians while comparing what happened in Barcelona with the protests of Hong Kong implying that the movement towards independence no longer has return. “Two years ago, Catalonia began its path towards the establishment of an independent republic; We knew that the road was not going to be fast, easy and undamaged … But we know that we only have this way, ”writes the deposed Catalan leader. “The repression that the Spanish State has launched at the present time in response to the voice of Catalan society confirms the collapse of the regime that was installed after the transition to democracy,” concludes the ‘expresident’.



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