March 28, 2023

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Iceta and Fernández lament the spectacle lived in the Catalan Chamber, ask for prudence and defend, both the presumption of innocence of the CDRs, as well as the work of judges and Civil Guard

María Jesús Cañizares @MJesusCanizares
26.09.2019 20:25 h.

Socialists and populars have agreed today to call for calm after the new shock experienced in the Catalan Parliament, which recalled the upheavals on September 6 and 7, when the laws of rupture were approved – referendum and legal transience. On this occasion, the trigger has been the imprisonment of the members of the Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR) for alleged terrorist activities.

The independence parties have used this operation to launch a new pulse to the State in the days previous to the Supreme Court ruling on 1-O, which has resulted in a motion for a resolution favorable to the expulsion of the Civil Guard of Catalonia, which has provoked the angry reaction of Citizens, whose spokesman, Carlos Carrizosa, has been expelled from the chamber by the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent (ERC). Previously, the CUP had been absent to the groups attending the second session of the General Policy Debate.

After that monumental quarrel –Carrizosa has faced the ERC deputy, Ernest Maragall, and the Comuns bench–, the first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, has lamented “the show that has taken place in the plenary. The Parliament must be the house of democracy and rights, and not of institutional confrontation, “and has demanded respect for the separation of powers.

“We make a call to reflection”

Likewise, he has demanded not to oppose the legitimacy of the Parliament with that of the judiciary: “We call for the reflection of the groups”, and has assured that the PSC will vote against any initiative that raises the rejection of the Chamber to the decision of the National Court to send seven members of the CDR to prison. The Socialist has urged respect for judicial decisions and the presumption of innocence after the imprisonment of the CDR. The facts for which the CDRs are imprisoned, he added, are “serious”, so “they should not be minimized” and has called the citizens to serenity and tolerance.

For his part, the leader of the Catalan PP, Alejandro Fernández, has also called “prudence”, and recalled that it is a “long and very advanced” investigation on CDRs, and that the judge’s decision is clear and resounding . He has warned that the support of the pro-independence forces for activists can “eliminate the pactism and democratic spirit that Catalan nationalism has had.”

“It is vital that nationalism avoid the temptation to go out to defend people accused of serious crimes of violence, because it could lead us to an unknown dimension,” said the popular leader. He has vindicated the presumption of innocence of the CDR, but has also appealed to the dignity of the judges, justice and the security forces and bodies of the State: “They also deserve respect, and we will not tolerate the harassment of judges or police officers.” .

“Catalan nationalism must reflect whether it wants to contribute to the growth of Catalan society or resemble other nationalisms that left a mark on Spain,” Fernandez said.


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