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The party headquarters in the town of Vallès Occidental was attacked during an event

Friday, 10/25/2019 – 10:40

Groups of independentists have tried to boycott on Thursday two acts carried out by militants of the Catalan Socialist Party PSC in Terrassa and Esparreguera. The most serious action took place in the town of Vallès Occidental, when several independentists attacked and tried to break into the party headquarters. The assistants managed to prevent them from passing.

The attackers threw a dishwasher, placed stickers and painted on the headquarters. “Pro-independence radicals have attacked our headquarters while we were gathered inside. They have tried to enter but we have stopped them,” says the party on his Twitter account, in which he regrets the situation: “We are reaching an unsustainable climate.”

Meanwhile, as ‘Global Chronicle’ has advanced, some independentists also tried to boycott an act of the PSC in Esparreguera in which the mayor of the town, the socialist Eduard Rivas, and the deputy Sònia Guerra participated. A group of independentists managed to enter the auditorium where they whistled people and beat pans while chanting slogans in favor of the imprisoned politicians. “We find here people who occupy the room, who whistles and prevents us from our freedom of expression,” Guerra lamented.


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