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Mr. Sánchez, do not answer the call. Because if you do, it will convey the terms of an unacceptable blackmail. Incommunicating the leaders of secessionism sinks into its ethical rickets, gangrene the infected independence process and baffles its brutal strategists

José Antonio Zarzalejos 22/10/2019, El Confidencial

One of the right decisions of Pedro Sánchez in the crisis in Catalonia – among many other mistakes – consists in not answering the phone calls of Quim Torra, that man who is a moral rubble and a ‘joker’ of politics. Thus the acting president practices the “sharpest reply” —which, in Chesterton’s words, that is what silence is about. If separatism needed a way out and go if you need it! – Pedro Sánchez was willing to provide it. The Secretary General of the PSOE fantasized assuming that his lenitive prescriptions would be effective in combating the permanent insurrection of the autonomous institutions of Catalonia.

The response has been as tremendous as the images of vandalism – from ‘kale borroka’ – that have been contemplated, with dismay as well as disgust, in the streets of Barcelona last week. Not to be missed, even looting and pillage have converged with horror on the nights of that ‘tragic week’ shack that was the previous one in the Catalan capital.

If the acting president committed the weakness – which would be, in addition to politics, also moral – to ‘dialogue’ with Torra, the electoral possibilities of his lists would subside. Because that ‘volantazo’, that ‘disruption’ in the course of events, which I referred to last Saturday in this blog (“Sanchez, way to lose 10-N”), as necessary gestures to overcome the depression of their expectations in the next elections, they could well have found an efficient concretion in the total blockade of Torra and the Government of the Generalitat, which are, objectively, active collaborators of what has happened, occurs and could occur in Catalonia. Incommunicating the leaders of secessionism and maintaining maximum dialogue with Catalan society – both at the same time – plunges those into their ethical rickets, gangrene the infected sovereignty process and baffles their brutal strategists.

The violence unleashed in Barcelona and other towns in Catalonia has consisted – and what remains – in the realization of a plan. The ruling of the Supreme Court was always a pretext. It was about executing what Pío Baroja called ‘momentum catastrophicum’, which was the one in which “lies with the appearance of truth sometimes fall on a country and crush it”, and the great Basque added: “What is the work of the catalanistas and bizkaitarras! Excite interregional hatred, promote Spanish kabilism already asleep! What poverty! What moral misery! What a fund of plebeyez is needed to undertake that work! ” And to top off the Barojian interjections:

“Some believe that Spanish politics is different from Catalan or Biscayan local politics. It does not matter. There is no more difference than the general Spanish policy is an integral policy of the landlords and the local politics is mixed, of the landlords and fans. ” Baroja delivered these statements in 1918, in a very controversial conference – but prophetic – that was titled ‘Momentum catastrophicum’ and was edited by Caro Raggio in 2004.

The words of the Donostiarra, eminent member of the Generation of 98, remain in force in their essence because, without avoiding any of the Spanish blunders, he denounces those of Basque and Catalan supremacism. In another previous intervention under the heading “Wanderings about Barcelona” (House of the People of Barcelona. 1910), Baroja, assertive, writes: “To me, Catalonia gives me the impression of being more Spanish than the other Spanish regions. The Catalanists, on the other hand, say no, that Catalonia has almost nothing to do with Spain, which is a country with another race, with other ideas, with other concerns, with another spiritual construction ”.

And he continued: “Because they differentiate themselves, the Catalanists find a portion of ethnic, psychological and moral contrasts between Catalan and Castilian. They are the individualistic Castilians, the Catalans are collectivists, the Castilian fanatics, the Catalans, tolerant, the Castilians, mystics and raptures, the practical Catalans. I have never seen these oppositions or contrasts, and I do not say this as a patriot, but as a more or less observant man. ”

The intellectual and political fight against “the lies that fall on a country and crush it” – and that country is Spain – is as old as it is shown, a century ago, by Barojian indignation and ignoring it again when those falsehoods are repeated by people of The moral bill of Torra, make up a ‘catastrophic moment’ that the acting president of the Government of Spain has to manage with the serenity, greatness and integrity that require the dignity of the State and the nation. This gesture of not answering the phone to a character of the very small size of Torra is part of the dignity from which a solution for Catalonia must be built, which does not go through the destruction of the expensive installation of democracy in Spain. Therefore, Mr. Sánchez, do not answer the call. Because if you do, it will convey the terms of an unacceptable blackmail. And it will return your lost interlocutor status.



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