September 30, 2023

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From Moncloa they consider that the "reasonable" is that all administrations dedicate their "energy" and resources in the battle against Covid-19


The Government has responded to the pro-independence political parties after repeated requests from the dialogue table, stating that it will be resumed once the coronavirus pandemic is over. From Moncloa, they see that the “reasonable” at the moment is that all administrations devote their “energy” and resources in the battle against the Covid-19.

This has been transmitted to their representatives, following the meetings with Pedro Sánchez in his attempt to re-edit the Pacts of the Moncloa. Despite this, the Executive’s spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, has stressed that she is not aware that the dialogue on Catalonia has been linked in these conversations with the willingness to participate in the table for reconstruction.

The demand for the dialogue table

The ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufián commented after his telematic meeting with the President of the Government that he asked Pedro Sánchez to “return to the dialogue table”. The Government, as the Minister of The Presidency has communicated, is committed to this once the current coronavirus epidemic is overcome.

Unlike Meritxell Budó, the spokeswoman for the Generalitat who has conditioned her presence on the grant of the right to self-determination of Catalonia, Montero has stated that Rufián has only demanded the pending negotiation between the Executive and the Govern, but without request for a date or condition on the part of Esquerra.

Appreciate the willingness of ERC

“We are all looking forward to returning to normal, which will be new,” said Montero, who has insisted on focusing dialogue on the fight against coronavirus and its economic and social effects. For this reason, Montero thanked ERC for his accession to the Government’s proposal to negotiate “the basis for the day after the pandemic”.

In any event, it underlined the provision that Ruffian has shown to participate in the reconstruction dialogue and has conveyed the president’s appreciation to ERC for this reason. Montero has emphasized that all governments, from the central to the regional governments, are “literally turned to the fight against the pandemic” and that is the Executive’s “only priority” at the moment.

More support than rejection of pacts

To date, Unidas Podemos, Ciudadanos, PNV, Compromís and Más País have also expressed their initial readiness to participate in this dialogue table, whose working methodology is yet to be realized because the Executive, it claims, wants to negotiate it with the participants.

For now, only Vox and the CUP have self-excluded themselves from this project and have not even agreed to participate in the round of talks with the president.


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